Friday, August 1, 2014

Oh hey Friday: Maternity leave list

With the summer break that the ladies hosting Five on Friday - I'm joining this fun link up! (Farmer's Wife and September Farm)

Just to set up this random list...know that the first month of maternity leave (seriously, how has it been almost a month!!!) has been just crazy.  I mean, everyone who has had a kid knows that the first month is tough...but add in that I finished up Maddie's nursery, then wrapped up the planning/DIY projects for Charlie's birthday party and then finally yesterday was the big day - Charlie's birthday!  Now that all that craziness is over and I'm busy writing 5,000 thank you notes...I have a list of other to-dos I want to complete while I'm on leave.  So here you have them.


Chalkboard wall behind my desk.

9 chalkboard wall
So easy - so cheap - so fun.

I'm doing this next week!


Dining room accent wall.

I have been pinning to my heart's desire and since it's just the top half of the wall (we have paneling on the lower half)...I don't think it will take that long.  But now I just need to decide on the color of the other walls and the accent wall (or pattern!)



Basement craft room.

Oh my - another pinterest thing for me lately (sorry if you are sick of me pinning!).  But we have so much space in our unfinished basement and I just feel like we can utilize it more.  So a craft area for me and for the kids is it while the dogs get the boot to another part of the basement!!



Our kitchen table.

Luckily for me, this is Jimmy's project.  I'm so excited because it's starting to take shape in our garage.  Wahoo!!  I also found 6 chairs for only $25 each at Old Time Pottery that I'm going to use and then he's building a bench for the other side.  It's going to be amazing friends!!

DIY Table Pottery Barn Inspired


Finally - I know this list is long (and there is lot of other a family binder, make Charlie's baby book, decorate the playroom, etc.) but I also need to make sure that I enjoy my time with my sweet girl.  These last few weeks have been go go go and I'm looking forward to taking some time to just hang out with my little lady before I go back to work and she goes to school and life gets a little more crazy!!!!

Happy happy weekend friends!  Looking forward to a great time with friends and family we have planned and hope you have some fun plans as well!

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  1. Good luck with the chalkboard!!

  2. You make me feel LAZY. I sat on my arse for the first month of maternity leave. And did nothing else. You deserve a medal - or five. Go girl go. :)
    Thanks for linking up!!