Friday, August 8, 2014

Hey hey Friday

This might have been the longest week ever.  So happy for the weekend!
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These are random - just beware.  Kind of how my brain is working lately!


These kids.  I mean they are nothing alike.

Our little lady is quite the swaddle ninja these days.  We struggled with this with Charlie too - do we swaddle or do we not?  I go back and forth.  I mentioned using the Woombie in Maddie's one month post, which has worked ok - but last night, unintentionally, I put her to bed in just her PJs and she went 5 hours.  Um - what?  And then she got up to eat and then went back to sleep for another 4 hours.  Um - yes please.

I just get so confused.  As is everything with raising children - it seems to change daily.

Even if your kid consistently busts out and screams when you put them in a you stick with it?


Have you heard of Annie Sloan Chalk paint? Well my sister in law mentioned it to me that it might be easier to use that to paint my new kitchen chairs - versus the tedious sanding, painting, etc.  So I started doing some research and figured it looked pretty awesome because like she said - you literally just paint over any surface.  No prep, sanding, etc.  Sign me up!

source and review

There are limited places that it is sold - so I headed to a cute cute cute little boutique in southern Johnson County called Bella B Decor to check it out.  The owner was the sweetest lady and so knowledgeable. She helped me understand all about this amazing paint.  I just bought a sample and a paintbrush to try it on one of the chairs (painting them an off white to try to brighten the kitchen up...there are 6 of them!).


While at that cute little shop - I picked up this little treasure to send to a friend.

I loved what it said and think she will too!


Did I mention we STILL have 3 dogs?  Oh yes, even with the introduction of one more family member, they have all stayed alive and with us.

Did I mention they drive me absolutely insane because they still pee and poop everywhere?  Let's just say cleaning up pee is not what I want to do while on maternity leave.

However, Toby got his haircut yesterday and looked pretty cute as my co-pilot on our way home.

Yes, he looks cute and innocent - but he's not.  Anyone want some dogs?!?!?


As for number 5...I will toot my own horn because we had a delicious freezer meal last night that I must share.

This beef and broccoli recipe is something I prepped immediately after Maddie's arrival.  We haven't had to dig too deep into our freezer stash because our friends and family have been SO sweet and nice and been bringing us food every other night or so this past month and it's been just wonderful - the meals and the company!!  So last night we had no plans and I opened the freezer and saw this and knew I had to give it a try.

I literally think it tasted like a Chinese restaurant.  You should try it.  So so easy to just throw in the crock pot and be DONE with no dinner prep.  And pretty healthy too!!

Happy weekend!!
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