Friday, October 3, 2014

Five on Friday again!

And it's FRIDAY and Five on Friday is back.  That's fun for many reasons - especially since it was my first week back at work!

Anyway, here are a few random things for you.

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Ok - so to rewind to last week because I just have to document this.

Last Monday, we started off the week with a band for a parents as teachers visit to assess both Maddie and Charlie.  Good news is that both kids are "normal" (whatever that might mean!!).  Bad news is...when the sweet old lady shows your two year old a picture book of a baby drinking water and asks him to tell her what the baby is doing and his answer is "Daddy drinks beer" - clearly stated four times - mom gets a little embarrassed.  I mean it was funny because, yes, Daddy does drink beer...just not the right setting to talk about it, Charlie.  We will work on that!

Such a goof ball he is!


So THIS Monday morning, we were all up early and off to KU MedWest for Charlie's first surgery.  Yep, the boy got tubes.  It was actually pretty crazy because we just had our consultation last Thursday morning (that took over a month to schedule) and then they said they could do the surgery that Monday.  Wowza.  Since it was my last day of maternity leave Monday, we went for it so neither of us had to take off work.

Charlie was a trooper - poor guy was NOT happy when he woke up from the surgery.  But once we left the hospital he was literally back to normal immediately.  I thought I might have gotten a FEW snuggles out of it - but nope, just wanted to run around!!

Before surgery with mom and dad.  Luckily, Maddie slept the whole time.  She's amazing.

Back to normal and playing with sister on mom's last day at home!! 


Maddie is growing up WAY too FAST.  She's thirteen weeks old today (4 months old tomorrow) and it doesn't seem possible.  From the bumbo to the bouncer to 6 month clothes...girlfriend doesn't seem like a baby anymore.




Good news is - she's had a good week at school!!  Slowly but surely it will become our routine and she will love it!!!


Since this was my first week back at work (even though I didn't go Monday), full time pumping has commenced.  When I was part time, I was just trying to get away with pumping twice a day, but I felt like my supply was for sure dipping - so I've been going back to three times a day.  Actually doesn't take that long because the room I do it in is SO much closer than when I had to walk at my old job - so that's nice!!

One thing that was a fun surprise??  When your two year old slips some surprises in your pump back for you.  Oh Charlie!!  Just a few books and some "drum sticks" aka paint sticks.


Finally - everyone is talking about FALL.  Oh yes, it's here.  The weather is cooperating now too and giving us some cooler temperatures.  Last week, Maddie and I decided to make a fun treat for some of our friends/neighbors, my sister and Charlie's class.  Just a little fall popcorn mix!!  It was fun to make (and eat) and even more fun to deliver as a surprise!!

Just a simple light bag of microwave popcorn, 2 squares of white almond bark and then throw in a few handfuls of fall colored M&Ms and some candy corn and that's it! 

Put it in a bag and throw the bag in a fun Halloween container from have yourself a fun little gift!!   I also threw in some paint chip puzzles for Arden and Jack.  Charlie was not a huge fan and threw them all over, so maybe my friends 2 year olds liked them better??

It's sad to be back at work to not have time to do fun stuff like this!!

So excited for the weekend and hope you are too!  Cannot believe I have a THREE month old!

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  1. Those paint chip puzzles are seriously adorable!! And hilarious about Charlie and the beer! One of Brantley's most used phrases is "I want beer please."