Thursday, February 20, 2014

Long weekend fun: trip down south

One of the perks that I have learned about working a stock exchange?!  Bank holidays.

Yep, even though we don't get snow days, we get bank holidays, so with a long weekend this last weekend, Charlie and I decided to take a road trip to visit our friend's in Owasso - the Ruddick's!  Better yet, Lauren tagged along with us for a fun little trip!

Since Valentine's Day was Friday night - we waited until Saturday morning to head down south.  Charlie was SO so good on the way down, until right before we got to Owasso.  Oh man, the kid would not stop screaming.  Poor Lauren (yes, not poor me, because I have the tolerance for that - every mom does).  But she was a trooper!

When we finally got to Katie's and Charlie saw James...they were just thrilled to have a friend and Charlie was just so excited that it was like SIXTY FIVE degrees outside and sunny.  After a cold winter and a foot of snow, we were ready for some outside time.

After some house exploring (did I mention they just built a new house  - and OMG it is just beautiful.  I loved it and it's perfect!!), dog loving and some naps, we headed out to the playground at the elementary school in their neighborhood.  The boys just loved running around and going down the big kid slides!

But mainly they liked playing off the playground and by the fence.  These boys.  And Charlie seems to be influential - so he better be a good kid.  James was hanging on his every move and mimicking it!!  It  was pretty cute - but watch out in a few years, Katie and Barry!

See what I mean!?!  

Then after a tour of Owasso and a stop at the liquor store (yep, I sat in the car with the babes watching Elmo....again), we decided to make a stop at Sam's Club.  We were on the hunt for a cookie cake, but they were no where to be found.  This pregnant lady was beyond disappointed!!

But the boys didn't seem to mind because they enjoyed the double carts and samples.

And for the first ever...I walked out of a wholesale club without buying anything.  Seriously!

After some dinner and the boys were put to bed, it was girl time.  Barry (Katie's husband), cooked us some dinner and we ate outside by the fire under their covered porch and talked.  And talked and talked.  For hours.  Katie and Lauren drank wine (yes, that's typical!) while I drank water and devoured the smores we were cooking (because that's what pregnant people who cannot drink do, right?).  But it was just so fun.  Talking, reminiscing, and just hanging out.  I think the thing I miss most is just girl time.  With a kid, there always seems to be a schedule and somewhere we have to bed for nap, bed time, eating, etc.  And then everyone ends up going to their respective houses with their spouses.  And nothing against Jimmy, but he's not a girl.  Nor is he a girl that I have been friends with for over 20 years.  And that was what made this trip special. 

I loved getting to see our sweet boys interact and play and laugh with each other (it honestly made me VERY excited to have 2 kids running around my own house) but at the same time, made me appreciate the much needed adult girl time I got.  Also, it made me thank God one more time for my amazing friends!

Charlie slept like a ROCK and didn't get up until 8AM the next day.  Lucky for me, he stirred probably around 6:45 and then I took him in bed with me to see if he'd go back to sleep and we had the BEST snuggle time until 8:00.  I was in heaven that whole weekend.  So thank you to Katie and Barry for being such wonderful hosts in their beautiful home.

We headed back to KC around 10AM and made a stop in Coffeyville for a happy meal.  Luckily, Charlie did sleep a little bit - but it seems as 3 hours in the car is his limit because the last 30 minutes he was pretty unhappy again, Elmo and all.  But I'll take it.  Successful road trip!

What wasn't a success that weekend?  Jimmy's dad falling on the ice Friday night and breaking his leg and wrist.  UGH.  What a bummer.  Jimmy was over at his parents all day Sunday helping get the house set up for a wheelchair, so we headed over to keep him company.  And guess what?  Charlie found the wheelchair and seriously was obsessed. 

Of course, the walker was another favorite of his too after Pops arrived home.  Poor guy!!

Then we had ANOTHER full day to ourselves (I was for sure spoiled with my little man time this weekend!).  So we headed to LeighAnne's for a playdate and to see their gorgeous new house!  Charlie was a little shy at first, but did warm up to playing with Bennett and Lawson and really liked the geese outside!!  I loved getting some extra girl time with LA and Greyson too.

The boys?  Well they liked the shutters!  (go figure!)

Finally, after lunch and nap at home, we headed to get a haircut.  And man did he scream.  But once he got that sucker, it seemed to all be worth it. 

The weekend ended with dinner at my parents house and it was just awesome.  

So thankful for such a fun long weekend with Charlie and friends and that Jimmy got most of his "list" I left him completed!!! 

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