Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Maddie at 7 months old!

Length:  TALL
Weight:  20lbs is my guess!
Head: ???

Well - we are on the other side of a half of year.  Time is going faster and faster and you are growing up before our very eyes.  Turning into your own little person day by day.  Learning new things, meeting new milestones and just all together a HAPPY girl.  I love it.  I love you.

  • Everyone comments how you are always smiling in pictures.  But it's hard because you smile ALL the time.  And on command.  It's pretty special and I keep wanting to soak in these happy, smiley moments.  As your brother is a premonition to the future, at some point you won't be always smiling (I'm guessing tantrums and screaming? Maybe just don't throw yourself on the ground like him, hmmmkay??)
  • Ok the magic question at this age...are you sleeping through the night?  Ha.  The answer? Drumroll please....for the most part.  Yeah.  It's hit or miss.  If you are healthy and not getting teeth, you usually go from 7PM to 6:30AM.  But guess what?  Life happens and it's winter and you are 7 months old and getting teeth.  So the fact that you wake up on average only one time per night - I will take it girlfriend.  Overall, you are good about the bed time routine (as long as it's mom and seem to have issues with other people, so there goes babysitting) and go to sleep decently.  Naps are another story, but sometimes you will nap for like 2 hours and sometimes for 20 minutes.  No reliability, but you sleep when you need it and are happy!
  • You moved up to size 4 diapers - for real sister?   I know but size 3's were squeezing your beautiful thighs and you were pooping out of them.  Shoot - your brother just moved from size 4 to size 5 right before he potty trained.  Ha!
  • You can maneuver yourself across the room.  Not officially army crawling quite, but you do a combo of rolling and reaching and turning over and trying to get your leg from underneath you.  I'm calling it - you will be crawling in a matter of a month for sure.  I'm terrified but excited for you to start playing more with your brother!
  • Yep - you are in mostly all 9 and 12 month clothes.  Your leggings are SO tight but they are so so cute.  Who knew that you would be so much bigger than your brother at the same age, but I love it so much.  Your rolls are amazing and your skin smells so so good!!
  • So last month I mentioned that we had tried to give you some puffs and you weren't sure what to do with them.  But now?  That's all you want!!  You mastered eating pureed baby food and were not at all picky on what we were giving you.  But then all of a sudden you were like - oh no sir - give me more puffs and you insist on feeding yourself.  It's CRAZY!!  Stop trying to be independent already.  I like doing things for you!!  But it's also kind of fun because you are happy when you pick up the food and eat  yourself while we are eating away.  Before we know it, we'll be shoveling our food (in small pieces) onto your plate!!  Luckily we are eating healthier now!
  • Still taking the breast milk from the bottle or straight from the source when I'm at home.  Pumping gets old for sure, but I love nursing you.  We have had a few "fights" when you are being not so nice and attempting to bite me with your gummy (not anymore) smile.  You did not like it when I told you "NO" {twice}.  But I guess you finally got the point because you stopped messing around and just did you business and ate your food.  Thank you.  As your teeth come in, remember that!!!!  Your brother bit me once and that was almost the end of nursing for us because it hurt so bad!
  • You are a talker.  You scream.  You sing.  You blow raspberries with your mouth.  You stick your tongue out.  It's all so cute!!  We love hearing you "talk"!

Things you like (pretty much same as last month):

  • Breastmilk - from the direct source or bottle.
  • FOOD - anything and everything
  • Right before your 7 month "bday" we tried some cut up black beans and you loved them - mainly because you want to do it all yourself.  So the fun begins!!!
  • You love to laugh and smile and giggle. 
  • Moving ALL around.  Rolling every which way.
  • You LOVE your mommy and seem to freak out now when I leave your sight - just a phase, right?
  • Your big bro and you are starting to develop such a sweet relationship
  • Still love your pacifier and baths.  

Things you don't like:
  • Right when you get out of the bath and you are laying on your changing table getting your diaper on and PJs on.  You SCREAM and cry and poor thing.  Might be because you are just so tired, but it breaks my heart!!!

Special memories this month!!
  • January was crazy, but we had a blast.  You celebrated your half birthday, which was fun!
  •  We celebrated Grana's birthday with all your Carter family - it was so fun.  You are still a bit overwhelmed when you're in the house with that many people, but love getting held by all your aunts and uncles - and especially your cousins!
  • You spent some time with your friend, Nash, while your brother and Arden played together.  While he seems so much smaller now, he's going to tower over you in no time!
  • We celebrated your great grandmother and granddaddy's birthdays too - what a fun time with our Stephens side of the family.
  • You spent time getting baby sat by Grana while mom and dad went to dad's work holiday party and then my Aunt Lulu and Casey when mom and dad went to trivia night at Aquinas.  Let's just say you don't necessarily like being put to bed by others - oops!
  • We did our first {and last, for now} mommy and me work out.  Holy moly girlfriend.  It was a free Fit Mom class offered through Parents as Teachers in Olathe.  I read the description and thought it would be a fun mother/daughter time.  I knew I was going to baby wear you for a while, but I had NO idea it was going to be the whole time either - and 20 are heavy, trust me!!  Let's just say - I was SOAKED in sweat at the end of the 60 minute class and so were you.  However, while I was lugging you around on my front and doing lunges and lifting weights with my arms, you fell fast asleep in the carrier.  Let's just say while it was a fantastic work out...I will not do it again!

A note to our girl:

You keep getting bigger - how does that happen?   Ha!!  But the more months that pass, the more we fall in love with you sweetheart.  Watching your personality emerge, develop preferences
 and find your voice is just so fun.

We had a busy month kicking off 2015, but we are finally starting to get a groove as a family of four and you are the perfect fit.  So adaptable and fun loving and best yet?  Sleeps anywhere and everywhere, which is so nice.  We cannot wait for Valentine's Day with you all the fun to come in the month of February!!!

Your parents


Charlie and Maddie both at 7 months old!

At least we have happy kids!

I love love love the look on her face.  Is it weird to say I think we look alike?

The infamous Charlie drumstick.  You would never believe but right after these photos the think split at the top.  Charlie was devastated - even though he has FOUR other drumsticks.  So I glued and taped it after they were asleep.  Such a good mom, right?  Haha.

Charlie did share the drumstick for a bit and then immediately took it back.

And check out this girl - it was almost hard to get these pictures because she is moving so so much and is trying SO hard to crawl.  It's insane.

Some fun pictures from this previous month of your life - man we had fun - I love these posts to just look back.  We didn't do anything crazy or out of the ordinary - but we had fun together!!

My pretty girl at her 6 month check up.  She's off the charts (if you cannot tell!)

Loves playing on the computer at school!

So we potty trained your brother - and boy was it fun.  Ha.  This was after a LONG Saturday with him running around naked.  More on that later - but you were a trooper through it all sweet girl!

This picture demonstrates the "trooper" reference above - let's just say he rarely has pants on (still) and likes to play with you and climb in your crib.  Oh my.

You decided to wake up early and play with laundry while mom got ready one morning!


Let's just say it nicely - this trip to the grocery store did not end well.

Cutest outfit ever I think.  Thanks Aunt Trish!

Hat day at school!!

And your oldest cousin Libbie sent me this adorable picture of you and her "twinning" it with your camo leggings.  Let's just say that she's the best and you will just love having her as your oldest girl cousin!

Did I mention we spend LOTS of time in my closet?  You sit while I pump and work out and get dressed.  Won't be sitting for long!

I see this in about 15 years as well - except maybe the back seat for you vs the trunk!

You're a fan of art....

...And the Big Biscuit.  You love sitting in high chairs now (this was your first time - I'm happy to say I have this "first" documented for both you and your brother!) and the shopping cart!

You also like helping me cook our healthy food!


 Such a fun month my love, looking forward to many many more with you!


  1. Holy moly! That first picture of Maddie and your blog profile picture are side by side when I bring your page up. You two are TWINS!!!!! She is so cute and squishy!! Love it!

  2. Oh my gosh, she is getting so big!! And yes, you and her are twins for sure!! I totally see it, she looks just like you. So so adorable!