Friday, February 27, 2015

THANK GOODNESS it's Friday - five things

I really am in shock it's finally Friday.  

Because I thought that this week was crazy as of Tuesday...but I had no idea.  Another trip to the doctor's office....another kid with an ear infection (apparently the one she had just two weeks ago never fully healed, poor thing)...and more medicine.  And it was 12 degrees this morning.  EH.

Ready for spring?  Yes.  Me TOO.

So a simple list of five random things/thoughts from this week.


Not kidding - even when they are sick and we are having a rough week  - they are my favorites in the world.  Always making me smile and realizing how overwhelming and wonderful love can be!!!


Um - do you use EOS chap stick??  I do and I love it.  But literally last week I opened it up and noticed black stuff around the edges.  I thought it was weird/gross but didn't think much of it.

And then I saw THIS on Facebook.

OMG - I am going to puke.  Has this happened to anyone else?  I'm so disappointed because I *used to* love this chap stick.


Ok, I was googling a blog that I follow and love and like the second google listing was this website:

Have you ever in your life seen this?  I was literally in shock.  It's a website that has forums and threads about bloggers and people just talk about if they like them or hate them.


People are just awful!!  And seriously, who in the world has time to write all these comments AND all these people that they don't like's blogs.  I mean if you don't like what they have to say on their blog - just don't read it!!!!!!!!!!  (I would hope if you don't like my blog, you just don't read it...)


Since I was up with Maddie lots this week at night, I started pinning fun stuff for her birthday party.  Yes, I know, very premature since she will only be 8 months old this week - but I ran out of stuff to look at online and stay awake while nursing her.  So I decided to do something fun.

I am thinking of going with the "Our little firecracker" theme because her birthday is Fourth of July and I thought it would be a fun pre-actual holiday celebration during her birthday party (we will have her party likely the weekend before since most people travel that long weekend!!).  

I love it already.


And as her personality emerges - the theme fits her well because she is quite the little firecracker!!


Guess what I ordered this week??

21 day fix EXTREME.  Oh my.

After 2 rounds of the 21 day fix completed (the first I was SUPER strict, the second I was great about working out but a little more forgiving on my food) - I am a different person.  I'm not just saying that. I love working out and eating healthy now because I just feel so good when I do.  It's pretty crazy but like they say how it takes 21 days to make something a habit - they are right.

I'll be posting my before and after pictures next week and my final results.  Well - as long as I get the courage to do that - but really it's not about losing the baby weight or extra inches because the most important thing is just how strong and healthy I feel.  I have more energy to play with my babies, spend time with my husband and family and just enjoy life.  Worth it to me for sure.


  1. I have been pinning first birthday inspiration for Parker as well! And she is only 8 months as of yesterday :)

  2. That website!! I had never heard of it but definitely went to check it out! Wow. For the record, I really love your blog! Probably because we're so similar, but also because you're always so real! I'd much rather read yours than some of the "famous" blogs I follow. :) And I love the firecracker birthday theme! If you run out of things to look at, feel free to find a 1st birthday theme for Holden. It's, oh, only 7ish weeks away and I still have no idea!! #momfail #secondchildsyndrome