Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's ONLY Tuesday?

I have said that about four times today.

This week.

Kids up every hour on Sunday night.

One sick.  One getting her second tooth so she spent half the night in our bed.  

But still looked adorable sleeping (see below).

Sick kid throws up all over me as I'm walking out the door on Monday morning.

Text our bosses.  Mom will be late (change Charlie's clothes, take Maddie to school) and dad will be working from home with sick kid.

Sick kid loved working from home with dad (see below).

Kids did much better the next night (after SUPER early bedtime).  But mom went to bed at 8PM (sick with cough that sick child gave her) and dad stayed up watching his team lose to mom's team (AH!)

Sick kid wakes up saying his tummy feels better but now his ear still hurts.  GREAT!  Mom checks ears and tubes are doing their job...ear drainage is EVERYWHERE (make note to call doc today).

Teething kid slept better - but she was not having a good hair day (see below).

Nurse says to bring him in if his ear hurts.  Thank goodness for walk in hours after work.

Hurt ear kid swooped up from school.  Double ear infection confirmed and oral antibiotics prescribed (in addition to the drops we already had).

Still have to go to CostCo - so we have an impromptu dinner date of hot dogs and ice cream.

And it was FABULOUS.

Avoid the highway home because our way to the doctor there was a car on fire going westbound - so pretty much take the longest way home ever.  

Halfway into drive, sick kid proclaims he has to pee.  Great.

Make stop at Starbucks (closest thing) and run in and run out.  Yep, he peed.

Back in car for another 30 minutes until we finally get to drive through line at CVS.  At least he enjoyed and didn't spill his ice cream on the way home!

Home just in time to kiss sweet teething girl, nurse her and put her to bed.

Sick kid only wants mom, so mom reads him story and puts him to bed.

Then mom goes back to get his prescription.

FINALLY home and get to sit down for 10 minutes to type this before I pass out - three and a half hours after I left work what seems like a lifetime ago.

And then I sit down and think for 5 minutes about this week - and how it's only Tuesday...

...then I think about the person who's car was on fire (literally a HUGE fire on the highway - the whole car) that was still stopping traffic two and a half hours after we passed it on the way to the doctor and I remind myself - nope, this week has not been THAT bad.  I could have kids with terminal diseases versus minor colds/ear infections.  I could not have the means to provide food to my kids or a house.  And the list goes on and on.

Or I could have been that person who's car caught on fire in the middle of the highway.

So yeah - it's only Tuesday - but tomorrow is Wednesday and that's half way through the week - so I'll go ahead and take the glass half full approach and say it's all good.

What is your perspective these days?  
Hoping you can see the good in everyday too - even the really hard ones.



  1. Was just having this conversation literally two minutes ago. Cleaned poop out of underwear twice yesterday, but we are all home, (mostly) healthy and happy. #perspective

  2. A great reminder!! Yes, a stressful few days for us too, but it could be far, far worse!