Friday, February 20, 2015

Five on Friday- life lately

My poor neglected blog.  Where does all my time go???  I have so much i want to blog about but not enough time!! Such is life and having two little people around to take care of!!  But I'll get back on it!

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At least it's Friday, right?  YES!


Presidents' Day this Monday meant the markets were closed, so I was off work and my kids school was closed.  And we had a great day- besides the bitter bitter cold and snow!!  It started out with a fire and then playing together by themselves. Omg- what I have been waiting for since I found out I was pregnant!! Sibling fun!

We went to a play date with friends that go to their school that live nearby and had fun!!  Then dad came home early and mom/Charlie ran some errands!  It's nice to have some quiet days at home with my babes- I need to remember that when I sometimes plan our days down to the hour.


So we also got some bad news this week after my dad was so nice and took Willy (our middle dog who is 13) to the vet on Monday.  He has diabetes.  

We noticed he all of a sudden got SO thirsty- like drinking the whole bowl of water and couldn't control his bladder- poor guy (and our poor house!).  So after some tests, those were the results.

So what does that mean?  Well we would have to give him insulin shots twice a day and test his blood sugar, just like s human.  Here's the sticky part for us- first of all, it's a challenge when we have to remember to give our CHILDREN medicine when they are sick twice a day- let alone a dog.  Second, insulin shots and tests = $$$.  Third, Willy is 13 years old.  He's not a puppy.  So we've been investigating options for our sweet boy all week and trying to be realistic with our lives as well as the quality of his too with this disease.  As of today, Jimmy worked some miracle and got him into a local study at an animal hospital in which they fund the medicine - so he will start the treatment on Wednesday and spend the day at the hospital...but in the meantime we are having some tough conversations.  The poor poor guy has lost SO much weight already and just seems miserable.

And while I often mention how three dogs and two kids is just too much and I cannot wait until our dog's times come- when the reality sinks in that it might be that time for one- it's so so sad.  So sad and so hard.  So hoping for some good news on the study front and we will see where we go from there (it's a 6 month study).  He also has a UTI - so another $50 for the medicine.  Poor guy!


This might be my favorite new weekend lunch.  Oh my goodness so good.  Just some spinach, 1/4 avocado, red peppers, one boiled egg, turkey, little bit of goat cheese, some cherry tomatoes all topped off with a squeeze of lemon.  Ok did I get you with the lemon part? Jimmy thinks it's so weird but I honestly love it (I love lemon) and will all the other textures/favors in the salad it gives it just enough liquid and tang.  My friend, Lauren, who also did the 21 day fix, sent me over the link to the power salad at panera that fit in the 21 day fix eating plan and that's where I got the idea.

I love it- so easy, quick, healthy and delicious which is everything I need for a lunch at home on the weekends!!!


Proof right here that:

a) kids rooms (of mine at least) never stay as organized and clean as they should in your mind

B) Maddie is seriously the sweetest baby girl ever.  Not kidding.  I cannot get enough of this kid- she's been sleeping through the night this week (finally) and I literally miss her in the morning.  Might also have something to do with the fact that her brother has been up like a bajillion times at night this week...speaking of

C) Charlie really doesn't ever wear pants. Potty training is going splendid (surprisingly) so a post on that next week- I promise!


Please tell me Jimmy and I aren't the only ones that spent 5 hours of our life last week watching the bachelor?!?  What the heck ABC?!? But seriously cannot get enough of these girls ridiculousness.

Check out Sheaffer's blog here for awesome bachelor updates......

And speaking of tv.  Do you watch How to Get Away with Murder?! Omg I always dvr and watch on Friday nights (watching the one from last night RIGHT NOW!) but wow that show is so good and totally threw me for a loop last week! I love it!

Happy happy Friday friends!!  Stay warms and safe this weekend - supposed to be so cold and snowy/icy in KC!!!

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