Monday, April 13, 2015

Kansas Beta turns 100

So let's do a rewind back to the last weekend in March when I went back to my alma mater with 850 of my sisters.  Ha- no but really.  It was the Kansas Beta Pi phi chapter's 100th anniversary and my oh my did they put on a celebration.  And it was so fun that so many of our Kansas Beta sisters made it back to celebrate!!

I haven't been back to Manhattan in a long time and boy has it changed!! So many new developments popping up and all the things that we didn't have in college (they even have a chick fil a now!!).

But truly, it's weekends like these that make you realize that man oh man somehow you got so lucky in life to be blessed with just the most amazing friends.  Friends that have been with you through both good times and bad and friends that just get you.

And also a few friends that haven't changed one bit in size or there spunky personalities- like Van.  Case in point- she STILL fits in the cabinet outside the bathrooms in the chapter house and STILL has a good attitude about getting in it and scaring people. 

Pretty much this moment while we were all touring the chapter house (after a delicious lunch at so long saloon!!) made me realize that while we may get older...some things will never change.  And it made me so happy!

What else made me happy was how AMAZING the house looked!!  The house corporation has done wonders in the past 5 years or so since I've been back.  The updated furniture, decor and wall colors and carpet seriously looked amazing.  I especially liked the Kansas Beta bench in the entry way.  Maybe Maddie will sit on it one day as a Kansas Beta Pi phi? (No pressure, Maddie!)

And what trip back down memory lane at a place that holds so so many wonderful memories is complete without a picture outside??  We have SO many of these over the years and had to get just one more!  Seriously love these ladies so much!

And in usually fashion, after the tour, we headed back to aggieville for some day drinking at Porter's.  The weather was perfect and the company was even better.

A few of us did make it to the banquet that evening at the Hilton - and while it might not have been the best food (yes, Coco Bolos would have been better and cheaper!), it was fun to get dressed up and hang out with some Pi Phis from different pledge classses.  Older and younger!!

I loved seeing so many women that I have worked with over the years through Pi phi as an active member, an alumni volunteer on the AAC and as a regional adviser.  It gave me an itch to get back involved, but we will see how that goes.  My plate is pretty full with kiddos and work!

Best part? Finally got some pictures with my little sister!!  Haha.  She claimed we haven't had one since my wedding (not true)- so I made sure we got some good ones. 

Love her!!

And then we ended the night BACK in aggieville. I wish I would have taken more pictures or stole them from Van!!  But I did get a shot of my $2 pounder- you should have seen our faces when the bartender told us it was $5.75 for my beer and her run and coke. Gotta love college prices!

Emily and I were held against our will in Aggieville - haha - by Van.  Lol - just kidding.  But we were staying at her husband's parent's condo and Chesney was driving us and Courtney (dr. seacat) wanted late night Hunam - so we pulled up our big girl panties and stayed out.  Luckily, we stopped drinking in time so we were not hung over.  But we did get some Pita Pit - AND watched our friends that MIGHT have had one too many drinks enjoy some Chinese food and make some interesting conversation with other drunkards in line.

I will NOT type the funny things that were said, but let's just say they will not be a forgotten memory (thanks Gart!)

It was nice to be away (my first night away from Miss Maddie) while Jimmy held down the fort at home - but it was so nice to come home.

These girls.  My college friends.  My Pi Phi sisters.  They really are one of a kind.  I literally never thought that decision that I made as a 17 year old starting my freshman year of college would shape my life - but it has because of these amazing women that I met and have been friends with through thick and thin.  They are amazing.  We are there for each other in good times and bad and I am so lucky to call these women my friends.  Through engagements, heart breaks, weddings, marriages, pregnancies, lost babies, new babies, new parent struggles, lost parents, lost siblings, etc.  The things that we have supported each other through is amazing and I feel so so blessed for each of them.  Our arrows for sure have an extra bit of sparkle.

Until next time Manhattan....

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