Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter weekend - lots of pics

So first off - I read somewhere that people hate reading blog posts with an incessant amount of pictures. So I apologize in advance.  I should also learn after 8 years of blogging how to easily put together a photo collage, but apparently there's no time for that.  So, you just get lots of pictures - because seriously, this is how I document our lives and my kids baby books - sorry kids!  And there is a 5 minute video on Charlie seeing what he got from the Easter bunny - which I realize seems like Santa and is a little overboard.  But I promise, the kid got books, bubbles and the cars DVD and the easel?  Well it was $15 from IKEA and I have been dying to buy it for like 2 years - and it was a Friday night IKEA date on a whim purchase.  

Now that I have that off my chest, let's talk about Easter weekend.  

It was a busy one.  We kicked it off a day early too because the stock market is closed and so was Maddie and Charlie's day care.  Convenient...haha for them.  We started the day with a visit to the doctor (another ear infection for Maddie - yes 4th round of antibiotics) and then to Monkey Bizness with Nana.  Charlie played his freaking heart out.

Saturday we had a BUSY morning.  I will share those pictures later - but Charlie had soccer again and it was my first time going.  Needless to say, soccer at his age is interesting.  But he did really good this week.
Then it was off to our best friend, Jack's THIRD birthday celebration.  No idea how he is already three, but what a little cutie he is.  Charlie was SO jealous of his race car present and told me already that is what he wants for his birthday!  What a stud Jack is!

After naps, we headed to church for their annual Easter egg hunt.  it is seriously SO much fun.  They have a photo booth, baby chicks, lots of eggs (had over 5000 this year!) and lots of other fun things like decorating sugar cookies, some cake walks and a playground (\duh that was his favorite).

Here we are with our only family picture of Charlie trying to get eggs!!

And for fun - a this year and last year of our photo booth pictures.  It's seriously crazy to me what a difference a year can make.  Cannot imagine our family without sweet Maddie!!

What's nice is that there is a church service immediately following the hunt and they had sandwiches and chips for everyone to eat before.  I love that because I'm not kidding when I say sometimes the most exhausting part of my day is getting my kids in and out of car seats - so one less trip to make a non-stressful Sunday morning of Easter - I'll take it!

Here is a picture of my sister, her boyfriend and us!!

Like I said, church on Saturday means for a fun Easter Sunday morning.  And the Easter bunny did not disappoint this year!  Maddie and I were up early and got some eggs hidden, breakfast ready and saw what the Easter bunny left for them!

Here is a ridiculously long home video - but I think it's kind of funny when Charlie shares his animal crackers from the Easter bunny with Maddie and then Willy eats it.  Oops.  #parentfail

Playing with his basket goodies!  New books and bubbles and a mask!

After that excitement wore off - everyone attacked dad.  Per usual.

Maddie tried on her adorable dress that the Easter bunny got her.  She looks like Jimmy here!  Love how sweet this picture is of them!!  And FINALLY Charlie is old enough to use the easel!!


My sister hosted lunch this year; we brought smoked chicken and ham and some salad.  My grandmother made her famous Easter cake and it was so cute!!

Charlie peed his pants.  And the pee ran ALL down his leg and onto my sister's floor.  So he ran around in a diaper the whole time.  Chasing her poor dogs.

We were running on empty and it was nap time, so we quickly did an egg hunt and then my mom and sister gave my kiddos their easter baskets.  Complete with silly string from Nana.  Charlie was NOT a fan - but I think mainly because he was so tired.  We will try again, mom!

Three generations in pink!

Using his new minion blanket and pillow from my sister.  He freaking loves it!

THen - oh yes, our weekend is not over yet - after naps we headed over to Jimmy's parents house.  Jimmy apparently was on the hunt for his new go to beer and did a blind taste test with his brothers complete with a bracket.  Only something the Carter brothers would come up with.  Seriously.

Coors Original ended up winning.  Gross.  And fattening.

And what Carter event is complete without a delicious meal?  The cousins all enjoyed a meal together with lasagna and garlic bread.  They all forced Charlie to eat.  I love peer pressure and wish that some of them would come home with me and make him do things there!!

Maddie was having a blast in her seat snacking with Will and Norah.

And finally - my amazing MIL put together an Easter egg hunt for all the grandkids with their names on the eggs.  So the hunt was on!!!  Let's just say, Jimmy and I appreciate this part.  While Charlie is obsessed with the candy that day, luckily once we hide the basket he forgets about it and we can snack on everything left.  Reeses eggs - thank you very much!

My mom had Easter Monday off, so when she came over the night after Easter to watch our kiddos while we had to go to something - this is what I found.  I LOVE that she bargain shops for my sister and I.  And with that said - I am already looking forward to Easter next year to use all these amazing decorations!  Thanks mom!

So yes, this is a week late recap, but nonetheless - we had a BUSY and fun Easter weekend.  The recap is late because it's taken us a week to recover from all the fun we had.

Hope you had a great Easter too!!


  1. Love all of these pictures!! Your church's Easter egg hunt looks so so fun, and those photo booth pictures are darling! I love in the video how Charlie stops to write on the easel for a second then continues the hunt :) He's at such a fun age! Maddie looks so pretty in her Easter dress and I love your Easter outfit! You guys did so much celebrating! So fun!!

  2. LOVE Charlie's purple shirt! #GoState

  3. Charlie looks great in purple! Just saying... ;)

  4. And wait, you go to COR too?! Both my family and Dereks' have been members for like 20 years+! We actually still watch a lot and are getting Ady baptized there in May!! :)