Friday, July 24, 2015

Five on Friday!

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Just a few things to share before I sign off on Friday and go to sleep!


This kid is almost 3!!! Not sure how that is possible but we are living through a stage of life that is so fun and so horrifying all together.  Only horrifying because all of a sudden he is super opinionated and throws mini fits for what seems like no good reason! 

But then getting to have conversations with him and laugh and play with him and see him learn and be imaginative.  I love watching the way his little mind works!


Speaking of our almost three year old.  Little man got THIS big bed in his room last week and is loving it!  I wanted a full so we could get in and snuggle if needed (needed by either of us).  But then my mom's coworker's tenant had an extra bed never used and bam.  It's a queen!! 

The more the merrier, right?!

He loves it so much.  And his lightning McQueen sheets that are a full size (oops).  Now onto making his room into a big boy room with a car theme!


I have been drinking way too much coffee lately.  Finally not pregnant and almost done nursing = body to myself = caffiene please!!

How stinkin cute is this instagram from homegoods I saw this week!! I want all of this!

To show you the other screen shot of social media I took this week- OMG this cake!!  I saw this and was like "this cannot be real!".  My dad's birthday is Monday and I sent this on my family group text saying that we should make him this for his bday! All his favorites- mashed potatoes, gravy and fried chicken!!!! 


Our backyard project that kicked off at the end of April that we paid someone an enormous amount of money to do that took FAR too long to complete (partly bc of all the rain and partly because of contractor issues) is almost done! Last Friday our playset was delivered and Jimmy and Casey spent all day Saturday putting it together and our kids just love it!!! Pea gravel got delivered this week and dumped under it.  Poor Jimmy has to spend tomorrow outside (it's SO hot) laying all the sod down too.  What a guy. And my dad? He's amazing and has been helping so much to make sure all the little things for it to be complete and amazing are done! He's the best!

Charlie loves it so much and his favorite part is the little house underneath! He makes it a store and "sells" you things!

Here's hoping for many wonderful years these two have together on this!

And really quick, in playset themed pictures- we attended the carnival at Charlie and Maddie's new day care they are starting in two weeks.  There was a bounce house, face painting, a mini pony, ok joes bbq, beer (Jimmy was so happy) and Ana and Elsa!! But guess what these kids like the best?!?  The playset.  Good news- all those other things won't be there when they start in 2 weeks but the playset will!!!

Happy Friday friends!  (Sorry if this formatting is weird- wrote this all on my phone ;) )


  1. Your kiddos will love that playset for a long time! Mine are 9 and 5 and still play on ours for hours.

    Have a great week!