Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My sister is engaged!!!!!!!

ANNNNNNDDDD - it's official!!

My little sister is ENGAGED.  I'm so so excited for her that Casey finally popped the question.

Quick story about them: they both went to K-State and majored in marketing...so they had some classes together but didn't know each other that well.  Because my maiden name (her last name) and his last name are right next to each other alphabetically, they sat next to each other at college graduation.  And that was it.  They went off their separate ways.

Until November 2012.  It was the weekend that Charlie got baptized and my aunt was in town...so they all went out to Waldo.  And there was Casey.  He came up and talked to her and the rest is history.  They started dating, bought a house together and are now GETTING MARRIED!!

So how did he propose?   I love it.  He's a tricky one.

This has been a long time coming my friends, so we have been waiting and trying to guess when he would do it.  After he had asked my parents for their permission and showed them the ring (so we knew he had it...it was just time to guess when it would happen). 

Last Friday night - it happened!  They went down to the Plaza to grab dinner and see a movie.  They see a movie like every weekend.  Or maybe not every weekend, maybe every other - but for realz - like lots of movies.  So that wasn't out of the ordinary - but a nice dinner on the Plaza?  My mom and I had suspicions that Friday would be the night.  I was texting her during the night to see what was going on and how the movie was (it was LATE, at like 10:30).  She said she would tell me about it tomorrow.  Ha.

But really...while I was sleeping, THIS happened.

Yes sire, engaged in the middle of the movie Trainwreck.  Which is kind of funny.  Both the movie and that they got engaged while seeing that movie.  Apparently Casey left the theater during the movie to go get them some popcorn and was going to put the ring in the butter container (with no butter) and have her open it up and be so surprised.  Ha.  Well - guess what?  When you go to that late of a movie, apparently they stop selling popcorn.  Welp, poor Casey because that plan was ruined.  So he had to come up with some other way to engaged on the fly 

And oh boy he did.  Yes he did.

Next thing my sister knew, a cop found her in the back of the dark theater and asked her if she was there with Casey. She said yes and then the cop told her to get her stuff and she needed to come with him because there was something going on with Casey.  When she got out of the theater, she saw Casey yelling at a woman cop.  And the cop was yelling back at him.  She was floored because he is so calm and collected and this was so not like him.  The cop was holding handcuffs and telling Casey she was going to arrest him because he didn't have proof that he bought tickets to this movie and that's illegal to sneak into the movie theater.  So at this point, my sister was shaking and told them that she had a receipt on her phone, so she bent down to try to get her phone out of her purse...and then he got down on one knee and stopped her and told her it was ok and not real...and then said some sweet sweet things and asked her to marry him.  Pretty hilarious!  I guess my sister was so excited and was then like "So do I still need to show them the phone receipt?". Oh Lyndsay!!

But seriously - how in the world did he come up with that on the fly?!  That is sure a story that she will never ever forget.  Just love it - he always keep her on her toes and that's what I love about them together.  They are so cute and compliment each other so well.

Plus - my kids are obsessed with Casey.  And he's just as precise and anal about things and projects like my dad is - so of course he will fit in well!!!

So there you have it.  Next June is the wedding and so much to plan and be excited for!!

Beautiful roses and a BEAUTIFUL ring!!!!

Oh la la.  It's seriously so gorgeous.  I love the oval shape and the amazing halo!!!  So delicate and beautiful.

The other part was show funny it was when we found out.  They came over that next morning so Casey could help Jimmy put together the play set and all seemed normal.  It was so funny but I mentioned to her, "man...I'm bummed because I really thought you were going to engaged last night".  She just kind of shrugged it off (which usually she would be like I KNOW!).  So I didn't think much of it - but then when my mom came over a little later.  Lyndsay brought Casey back into the house and said they had something to tell us and broke us the news!! AHH!!

We were so excited and then Face timed my dad (who was in Iowa with my grandma) and told him the good news.  We were so excited!!

Look at these cuties!!

And then guess what?  To round off the weekend - the girls made a trip to the bridal show in KC to get the planning started off right.  It was so so fun to go see all the gorgeous dresses, taste some food, meet some great people/vendors.  I cannot WAIT!!  She's an event planner/fundraiser by day, so she has the whole planning thing down -but I can't wait to help where I can.

CHEERS.  To the future Mr and Mrs Burden!  We are so excited for them - I'm so excited to finally get to call Casey my brother-in-law and refer to him as Uncle Casey.  

Love you two!!!  So excited for all the fun times to come!

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