Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Our little firecracker turns ONE

I mean...this picture...sums up her firecracker personality.

We had so much fun celebrating Maddie's first birthday with a few good friends and family members the Saturday before the Fourth of July AKA Maddie's actual birthday.

And we had so much fun.

Well, at least I did. Because it was low-stress, low-key, low decor, an easy and AMAZING theme...and best of all the sweetest little birthday girl you ever did see.

Given her birthday is on Fourth of July, we went with "Our Little Firecracker" theme and it was so fun!  For so many reasons.  First was this cute cute invite I got off of Etsy.  Seriously.

That was probably the most work I did for the whole party.  And that was ordering it from Etsy and printing it at Costco.

I asked my dad to go and pick up some fun sparklers as party favors, tied them with string and put them in vases on the dining room table.

Then I asked my sister to make some cupcakes because she pretty much rocks at making any and all baked goods.  Check out that frosting!!!!

Then I asked my blog turned real life friend, Sarah, to borrow a fun patriotic sign and stars that she had posted on Instagram.

Are you getting the theme?  Haha - delegation and asking for help.  Yep!  I will be the first to admit in the midst of the last month of traveling to three countries...I had minimal time to plan this party and that was a-okay with me actually.

I thought to write on our fun chalkboard wall at the last minute and use some of my chalk pens to write Maddie's stats then and now.  (and her actual weight I listed on there was a bit much...today she was only 24lbs and 10oz at the doctor...but I swear they said she was 25lbs when she got her tubes!).  Oh and thanks to Target dollar bin for all my patriotic decor.  And a win because I can reuse it year after year right?!

My parents came over early because Jimmy and I seriously did nothing to get stuff ready for the party until Saturday morning.  With t-ball and last minute errands...and on top of the fact that it was supposed to be a "backyard BBQ" in our finished backyard reno...that was not so much finished (like not at all done), we decided to set up shop in the garage...we needed some extra hands at the final hour.  And they were it.  Thankful they didn't bat an eye when I sent an emergency text saying be here at 1:30 with ice!  But at least that meant I got some cute pics of Nana and Maddie!

My sister brought over some fun decor she got at Target too - some patriotic straws.
Everyone enjoyed them - even Granny!!!

I threw around a few more of the banners and called it a day.

Random side note: when I went outside to see where Maddie was and what she was doing.  I stopped to get a picture of all the adults in the garage and then I turned to get a picture of her as she was falling off the picnic table.  She landed on her bottom first (thank goodness) and then knocked her head.  I swear this poor girl.  I, of course, overreacted to the whole thing -but no one wants their baby to fall, especially at their birthday party!

Even with horrible lighting - I did get a family picture!

And cousin Kenlie wanted to get one of holding Maddie.  She just loves her!!!

(PS see our planters?!  Love them!)

Then it was time for CAKE!  Like I said, with our (my) minimal planning...I literally didn't even think of a smash cake (bad mom!).  But Jimmy and dad of the year to the rescue!  He has a new obsession with bundt cake.  For a guy who doesn't like sweets...I was rather shocked when I came home from a week in Europe and he had TWO bundt cakes in the fridge.  Who is this guy!?  But luckily...his obsession came in handy because he was like "how about I get her a red velvet bundt cake for her smash cake?".  DONE.  See, this delegation thing worked out well!

(He gets them from Nothing Bundt Cakes in KC)

And while girlfriend was a little hesitant, she REALLY liked the cake eventually.

I mean I just think she's the cutest!  And I was happy that we actually got a picture of just the three of us - that's rare!

But don't worry - Charlie wanted to get on the family fun.  He's a ham.

Diva with her sunglasses from Aunt Lulu on.

Everyone else enjoyed the cake - and ice cream...which that was courtesy of Grana.  Seriously, when they say "it takes a village"...it really does.

So months ago, I picked up these silly photo booth props from WalMart.  I had them out, but wasn't really intending on using them because it's hard to logistically set up a photo booth.

But this sweet, sweet girl.  My niece, Kenlie.  She saw them and instantly said "where is the photo booth and can I be in charge of it?!"  UM - yes please.  She's the best!

So she called people over, directed me when to take pictures...and we had so much fun!

Michelle was a good sport!

And then we got this family picture.  Hilarious.  Jimmy said this completely sums up our family "Maddie has no idea what's happening...Jimmy is angry for having to participate in my antics...I have way too much energy...and Charlie - well he's in his own world".

Yep, yep, yep.  I love them.

Nana B!

And then there is Jack.  He really wanted to make it work on his own - but then asked dad for help!

Carter cousins had to get one with Maddie too!!

And then Jack and Charlie got in Charlie's stool together.  And had a photo session.  They are both such cheesers.  They were hamming it up together.  I swear these two.  Ten years from now - watch out.  

Oh sweet, sweet Jackson.

Then most of the guests left, my mom and MIL were the best and I turned around and the entire kitchen was cleaned (like seriously they are the best!!  Thank you both!).  So we headed outside to play.  Did I mention the weather was perfect?  And the garage set up was too?  We had a fan and set up our TV to watch the Royal's, along with our patio dining set we bought for our backyard like 3 months ago....

Charlie and Maddie were being super silly and Jimmy was pouring water all over Charlie.  Did I mention Charlie never wears pants anymore?  #threeyearoldissues

This girl.  My sweet, sweet pot roast.

Her signature blowing of her lips. 


I just love her.  Everything about her.

And then the party officially ended - because this kid started streaking across our yard.


Then he went ahead and opened the present that he got Maddie.

While that was the end of the party - it continued into Sunday because some of our other cousins came over to swim and BBQ again.  So of course, they wanted to get in on the photo booth fun. 

Maren and a mustache!

Norah just loved the props!!

And then we put the boys to work - Charlie was filling up Maddie's Paris purse and Will was cooking up some grub!

SO much fun.

While it wasn't a pinterst perfect party, it was funny because when people asked me how it went the next week at work - it was fun because I could truly truly say I enjoyed it.  I wasn't stressed and it was just a relaxed party with our family and friends enjoying each other's company, while celebrating the first year of life of our sweet Maddie girl.  What a blessing she is!!!

So there you have it - Maddie's first birthday bash!!!


  1. Looks like such a fun party!! You are so lucky to have such a great family! It does take a village!!

  2. Everything looks GREAT! Seriously, you'd never know it was pulled together at the last minute! I love the sparkler favor idea, the amazing cupcakes, the impromptu photo booth, and the red bundt cake! It's all so perfect! Great job, Mama! And happy 1st birthday to Maddie!