Sunday, July 5, 2015

Thirty five years of being Mr. and Mrs. Bruns

First of all – WHEW.  May and June = a huge blur in my life.  There are so many stinking important and life changing things that are going and that have already happened that I need to blog about.  Good and bad.  But let’s start with the good, m-kay?

So my parents celebrated their 35 wedding anniversary on May 31.  Seriously – 35 years.  That’s just crazy.  I’m finally coming to grips with the fact that I will have been alive for 30 whole years this August…I cannot even imagine celebrating being married for 35!!  Doesn’t seem like it’s possible.  But oh it is.

My sister and I were trying to think of something a little special for them to do, but also for us to do with them.  Then we realized that we had never really been to Baker University when we were old enough to remember it and for them to show them all the places that we have heard so many of the stories about them meeting 35.5 years ago!  So we told my dad all the details and then told my mom we were doing something together that day.

We all met at our house and then headed to Baldwin, KS for the official Roger and Barb Bruns courtship tour.  That's what I'm calling it.

It started at the Methodist church that they got married at. We made our way up to see it and then we made them pose.  And then they kissed and it was really cute.

We were all watching and smiling.

The whole gang walking along!!  My dad and mom telling stories and pointing out fun stuff on campus and how it has changed.

And I even knew how to set the self timer and grab a shot of all of us!

Some shots from around the campus - it was gorgeous!

Apparently this lady was invited to their wedding - crazy, right?

And this church came over piece by piece from England and was restored on campus.

Love a man and his babes.

My dad tried to get into the old gym but it was closed.  He was the assistant basketball coach there (and a student..but a much older student!) while my mom took a job in the admissions office.  She was actually on a date with someone else when she met my dad.  They didn't know each other for very long before they got married either, but it was a pretty cute story. Then they lived in the dorm together after they got married as dorm parents!! HA!

Nana and Charlie checking out the ducks.

And then I got a glimpse at my life in about 15 years and got overwhelmed that someday my sweet boy will be all grown up and leave me for a grand adventure at college.  It's hard to believe, but seeing him happy as can be prancing around campus was bittersweet.  

After our fun times in Baldwin...there is NO places to eat we headed to Henry T's in Lawrence to give it a try.  If Jimmy and I had known that Lawrence was actually just the same distance from Baldwin as KC was...we would have just gone back to KC.  But it was fun to try something new!!!

Overall, it really was a super fun day and so fun to hear all their stories again and see the buildings that they worked and lived in. It's a great campus...I had no idea that Baker University it so small either, but it sounds like a fun place to be!!

So so proud to call these two crazy cats my parents!!  And what a great example they have set for my sister and I and we hope to continue that legacy of marriage in our lives as well and pass that down to our kids.

Happy (belated) anniversary!

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