Saturday, July 18, 2015

Trip vs. Vacation

We returned home from a week "vacation" at Table Rock Lake with Jimmy's whole family.  All 23 of us (and that is the immediate family!).  10 kids, 13 adults.  

Mayhem.  Fun.  Drinking.  Eating.  Swimming.  Sweating.  Laughing.  Talent-showing.  You name it.

So much more to share.  But in the meantime, I couldn't resist sharing this.  My SIL tagged Jimmy and I in this post she shared on Facebook of an article that talks about a trip vs. vacation as a parent.  As this was our first trip with two kids (we go with Jimmy's family every other year and the in between years we had kids...), it was for sure not a "vacation".  And this article seriously cracks me up.  Everything about it is so true and defines our "trip" to Branson this past week.

Vacation or Trip? A Helpful Guide for Parents

You know what else cracks me up? 

This video I took of our car ride home.  After 7 days and 6 nights away.  Sleeping in a room all together and in a condo with 19 other people (who believe it or not, actually like to sleep, unlike our children).  We were all beat and ready to get home.  Then Charlie got his fingers smashed in the big bathroom door at McDonald's where we stopped for him to poop on the way home.  And Maddie decided to her top one year old molars on the top (she got the bottom ones two weeks ago). 

So we were already having fun...

Then we were about 4 miles from home in the afternoon on Friday...and we hit standstill traffic.

Both kids screaming.  We are not moving.

But for some odd reason...I now find this video amazing that I decided to take.

Because let's be honest, what else would you do??


  1. Bahahahaha!! I love the look on your face! We had a few similar moments on our way back yesterday morning.

    1. I mean I didn't even know what to think about our life at that moment. Hahaha. Glad we all made it back to KC safe though!!

  2. Ahhhh, laughing out loud because so been there done that. But you made it! High five. ;)

    1. Oh I'm sure you have!!! But you always do it in style lady!!