Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Getting all sentimental

Three years ago I was SO pregnant.  I already knew I was going to be start the induction process within 48 hours and was so anxious (my post of that here).  My feet were ginormous.  I was so swollen.  It was SO hot in KC (kind of like this week!).  I was ready to have my baby boy.  But what I wasn't ready for was just how amazing he would be and how much he would change myself and my world.

And here I am.  Three years later.  With the most wonderful little boy.

Tonight during bed time, he was putting in the boyish charm for SURE.  It made me realize just how fast time flies.  How fast babies grow into kids.  Then kids into teens.  Then teens into adults.

Like how Charlie said tonight when we were laying in his bed,
"Mom, when I get older, I'm going to drink beer with dad." 
Along with a cheesy grin on his face.

Son, your dad cannot WAIT until that day.  But it won't be a for a few more years, bud.

In his attempt to delay bedtime tonight, here were some of my favorite conversations:

"Minions jump into candy and yell "ba-ba-ba, ba-na-nas""
Whining...."mooooommmm" "what?" "Uhhhh I just want you and dad to get married" (
"I am not a baby anymore.  I like being a big boy"...after listening to a quick version of the story of his birthday.
"mommy get under with me (pulls the covers over our heads)"  then he puts his little arm around me and whispers "mommy, I love you" (freaking melt my heart)
Listening to him read "oh the places you go" with his dad

And my all time favorite of the night?
As I told him I had to go and he needed to go to sleep, I started to get out of his bed and he grabbed my head and said - "mommy I love your hair".  Then he started patting my head and giggling "you're so cute".  Like this kid - I just wish I had a recorded video of our conversation and his sweet little laugh and babble.  I know I will miss this age SO much some day.  Even though the days are long sometimes and this kid can be a's worth every moment.  It's worth every sacrifice.  It's worth every long/tired night of comforting him when he's scared.

The moment I became a mom changed me for the better forever.

Cannot wait to celebrate this sweet boy and his three years in this world!

From a sweet baby boy to a CHEESE ball three year old.

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