Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Maddie at 12 months old!

Length:  31.5 in (greater than 98%) aka tall
Weight:  24lbs and 10oz (97%)
Head: 18.5 in (94%)
  • Can I count it as a milestone as the first month since January that you haven't had an ear infection.  Seriously, as freaking hard as it is to see you go through surgery - it is SO worth it.
  • Yep - one year molars.  Starting to pop through.  Needless to say, none of us are fans.  You poor girl.  Your doctor could see them today and said they should be popping through soon!!! 
  • As you are transitioning to one nap a day (really dictated by you, but we are going along with it at school in particular because you're moving on up to the toddler room soon where they get one nap!), you are tired at night.  Like fussy by 6:30.  Teeth + one nap = asleep by 7PM.  I'm not complaining since you tend to sleep most of the night...but I miss time with you!!
  • You moved up to size 5 diapers.  Oh goodness girlfriend.
  • Ok so you still try anything that we offer you, but I feel like lately you are starting to adapt toddler eating habits.  NO!  STOP!  Eat everything vs. being a picky eater like your brother.  Maybe it's just a stage??!
  • So you're off your bottle.  School was working on it and all of a sudden you're done.  I'm still nursing you in the morning and at night (no pumping anymore - hallelujah!), but other than that we are mixing my frozen breastmilk with 2% milk for now.  We talked to your doctor today to make sure that was OK, because I know you should have whole milk, but luckily she said we could stick with the mixing, as you're getting nutrients you need from the frozen breastmilk.
  • So we made it - 12 months of nursing.  And I'd do it all again in a heartbeat girlfriend.
  • You talk and say "mama" and "dada" upon request.  And you're a SCREAMER!  Charlie was always so quiet, so you are very different from him in that sense and it's funny. You two feed off each other with the screaming though.  And so it begins!
Things you like (honestly, these didn't change much this month):
  • Walking!!!
  • Climbing up all stairs
  • Stealing toys from Charlie
  • Eating.  All the time.
  • Water and milk
  • Laughing at Chaz
  • Wrestling with your dad – so funny, you literally go over and immediately pounce on him whenever he is on the ground.  He loves it!!
  • DOGS - you are so happy that Toby is back home and literally chase him around.
Things you don't like:
  • Still do not like getting your diaper changed
  • You are not a fan of being "ignored" aka put down when I'm trying to make dinner or do something.  I promise I'm not neglecting you!!!
Special memories this month!!
  • The first two weeks of June, you got to come out to visit me at several corporate challenge events that I participated in at night during the week.  You all came out to the SM North track and then the next week you came out to watch me play soccer!
  • We got your adorable pictures back to celebrate you turning one from Ali
  • You and dad spent your first solo week together (with Charlie of course) when I went to London for work and had a blast!  He said you were so so good...and I believe it!
  • We celebrated Father's Day and you made him some pretty cute gifts!  He's the best dad I swear
  • Then the last week in June, we got to spend a few days together while dad went on a work trip - and we had a blast hanging out just the three of us!!
  • We celebrated your birthday with a party the week before Fourth of July and had so so much fun!!!
  • And finally - we celebrated on your actual birthday with some fun events around town and of course, fireworks!!!!!!!
A note to our girl:

Your parents

So I searched and searched for Charlie's official 12 month photo - but I guess I didn't do a post or a 12 month picture.  #momfail

But don't worry - he got in Maddie's 12 month photos.

If you cannot tell - you have quite the toddler attitude these days.  Case in point - you flat out refused to participate in these pictures.  I could have waited to do it when you were in a better mood, but I just went with it because the thought of getting you all dressed in this again...I kind of wanted to throw a fit like you did.  Ha.

Some pictures from this last month:

My sweet baby before getting tubes.  Into EVERYTHING!

You LOVE swimming and splash days at school, sweet girl!

Walking and YOGA!

Sweet sweet girl.


Oh my goodness.  She is so so ornery.

Loving those funnel cakes (and her freaking pacifier....if you cannot tell from the pictures...)

Holden and Maddie just watching their big brothers play t-ball on Saturday mornings.

Getting her coloring skills on at school

Bed time selfie with mom.  That pacifier!!!!! 

Maddie and her emotions!

And not the best picture to end on - but this girl fell HARD.  She was trying to kick a ball, missed it and landed right on the corner of our banister.  It seriously grew instantly.  This was all while dad was out of town.  Felt so so bad for her!!!

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