Wednesday, May 11, 2016

29 weeks

Of course I haven't kept up with this - but I'm trying!!!

How Far Along?  29 weeks (as of like a week ago!)

Size of Baby: about the size of an acorn squash (15.2 in and 2.5lbs - keep growing!!!!)

Gender: It's a SURPRISE and now I'm back to having no idea.

Weight Gain: about 25lbs up now!

Nursery: Ok there is SOME progress....not much, but last time I mentioned the nursery is painted and the crib skirt, sheets and a matching blanket has arrived (wahoo!).  It's so cute and I love the arrows (Pi Phi for life!).

Another accomplishment?  I cleaned out the nursery closet.  And let me tell you - that was our junk closet, so yeah....I threw a lot of stuff away (much needed) and found a new place for our more organized gift wrap!  Wahoo!  Oh - and we moved the glider from Maddie's room into the baby's room.  Maddie got a new big girl chair that she just LOVES!

Movement: Lots and I love it.  Not so much in the middle of the night...but I love feeling it.

Symptoms: I'll spare you gory details of varicose veins.  But I'm big and in charge - out of breath much quicker and pretty much hate bending down to pick up the 75,000 toys

Sleep:  Well guess what?  It's HOT outside all of a sudden.  So that means I'm so hot at night and toss and turn.  But I'll take what I can get and still try to get up at 5AM for my work outs.

Cravings: Well, I really would like some wings and some sushi (cooked, of course).  And maybe some Chinese food.  So healthy as you can see.  However, I've been making myself take healthy snacks to work which seems to help kick those unhealthy cravings!

What I Miss: Reminding myself that I will miss being pregnant once it's over.

Best Moment This (these) Week(s): Meeting Baby James Robert!  Jimmy's younger brother and his wife, Hillary, who we threw the book baby shower for had their sweet little boy and they are going to call him Jay!  It was so exciting when she went into labor and then waiting to find out the gender!  Charlie guessed right for his last guess - so we will see in just 10 weeks if he's on point with his guess on if he'll have a little brother or sister!

Panic Moment This Week: You mean we are going to have to buy diapers again!?!?  Lol - it's been a nice little break since Maddie has been potty trained.  But at least they are the little itty bitty ones!

Looking Forward To:  A fun weekend with my little people in tow :)


  1. You seriously look great!! And the nursery is going to be adorable! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. You look amazing but I'm sure it's in part to always being on the go! You are all belly!

  3. You look great! Not too much longer to go! XOXO