Friday, May 27, 2016

31/32 weeks - who knows, right?

My goofy smile is the result of my ridiculous photographer.  Hahaha.  He loves taking these pictures.

How Far Along?  I'm not sure but I CANNOT remember/keep up/get it right how pregnant I am.  WHAT.IS.WRONG.WITH.ME.  I posted this picture in the doctor's office on Instagram at my Tuesday appointment:

I originally said I was 32 weeks pregnant.  Then someone was like "omg 32 weeks!" and then I was like - wait, am I?   Checked my bump app and saw 31, but apparently missed the "...and five days" because then I was like, wait, I'm only 31.  So then I took my bump picture for the week (or Jimmy did) and put the 31 week artwork and then I was like - WAIT - I feel like the baby has been a pineapple before.  Sure enough, recheck the app and I was 32 weeks on Thursday.  Get a grip and the timing straight.

But just for fun because for some reason I'm in the same room at the same week of my pregnancy and took pretty much the same exact picture and posted it to my IG.  And people were just as nice (seriously, I've decided I'm going to post a bump shot when I'm feeling down because people are all like "oh my gosh, so cute" and I'm all like're so sweet) this time around as they were when I was pregnant with Maddie!  But for real - check out that bump.  

Size of Baby: about the size of an squash (16.6 in and 3.75lbs - keep growing!!!!); no wonder this kid seems to be running out of room!

Gender: It's a SURPRISE - I'm getting SUPER anxious to find out boy or girl!  I have been fine up to this point and now I cannot wait!!!

Weight Gain: Slightly over the 25lb mark and feeling large and in charge.

Nursery: I took off last Friday afternoon because I was getting a little anxious that the dresser that I bought a while back on a local Facebook swap and shop still needed to be painted... here is the cherry color it was before.

And here is the yellow color after the first coat.  It looks so much better after 2 coats and I still need Jimmy to seal it (the seal fumes are too much and not good for me)...but I'm getting super excited!  It's going to be the perfect accent piece.

Unfortunately, when I asked Jimmy to bring the crib upstairs (in the right of the picture)...he somehow misplaced the hardware.  Oh, well that's not cool.  So no he's on the hunt for it and actually has started replacing it.  While the babe won't sleep in it for awhile, it's kind of important.

I still need to finish cleaning out the closet completely, but am getting there!  Build a few book shelves and find some fun wall art and call it a day, right?  I was looking for something to put on the wall where the crib will go, but something not-so-permanent and Vanessa suggested the Urban Walls website for wall decals and I think I found a few that I really like!  So we are getting there.  Luckily, I know the babe won't be using it for awhile so I'm not stressing out :)

Movement: While I love and hate it (only when it's at like 2AM), this baby is moving lots and I'm not going to lie...I love it more than I hate it.  It makes me know that he/she is doing good in there.  Also, seriously cannot believe that I have 8 more weeks to go because I'm already wondering where it is going to go!

Symptoms: Oh you know, normal 32 week stuff.  I can literally feel my stomach stretching (and it hurts), varicose veins, horrible heartburn.  But doctor keeps saying it's a healthy baby, so I can make it...I can make it!  

Oh and SOOOOO tired.  Like literally.  I am back to falling asleep with Charlie in bed at like 7:45 and don't want to get up.  I cannot make it!  However, then I spend like 2 hours awake at night.  Baby sleep prep I guess!

Sleep:  This is where I'm running into trouble!  I wake up and pee usually once and literally cannot go back to sleep!  My mind is all over the place about the most random things.

Cravings: I would drink a slushie (from Sonic) everyday if I could.  But I don't.

What I Miss: Remember that time a few months ago when my belly button still existed? haha! 

Best Moment This (these) Week(s): I'm loving the nursery coming together and that the kids already identify the room as the "baby's room" and want to go in there.  They are so sweet and Maddie likes to kiss my stomach non-stop.  Lots of my up-at-night-thinking goes to how sweet and crazy it's going to be 2 years from now when all my kids are 2 years older.  Hard to imagine but I'm just loving how Charlie and Maddie are playing together and can't wait to add another to bunch!

Panic Moment This Week:  Reading this article :) #ourlifetocome

Looking Forward To:  MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED NEXT WEEK! Oh my goodness.

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  1. I think you're smaller now than with Maddie? Or maybe just carrying differently? BOY!!!!!!