Thursday, May 19, 2016

Props to my husband

Surely you have seen this string of text messages from a dad to the mom about the kid puking, having to clean it up and him puking on the side of the road AND then the lady's lawn he was puking on calling the cops and having to do a breathalyzer???  ***Ok - wait, so now he is saying that well...he really didn't have anyone call the cops or take a breathalyzer and was just being super dramatic for his wife - I have to say, I like this guys even better now because guess what?  I do the same thing to Jimmy #mightbealittleoverdramatic ***

I saw the story when it first came out when Baby Rabies posted it on her facebook feed and literally started crying I was laughing SO hard.  It was literally uncontrollable laughter.  And a bit of sympathy laughter too!

Poor guy (and kid for throwing up in the first place!), but seriously, I had this draft in my posts for about 2 weeks now and was getting around to posting it and yep, this goes right along very well (I guess unfortunately!?!?).

Let me start off by saying that my husband, Jimmy, is officially a super hero to me.  Especially after he's been gone for 6 days and I've been taking care of these kids solo with one in my big belly.  I swear, there might not be anything harder to me than getting the kids out the door on time in the morning.  WHY!?  And after doing it for 3 days in a row...I will say I did progressively get better and more efficient and decreased my lateness to work time each day (yes, I did track that myself).  But he does it every morning.  While, yes, I do help with lots of things, like helping to get them dressed, I usually make the breakfast for them both, he is the one that ultimately gets their shoes on and out the door.  Which you think that would be easy right.  But when I leisurely walk out the door at 7AM, mug of hot lemon water and purse in hand - what I quickly realized after this week and after this string of text messages... never know what can happen between when the time mom walks out the door and when you drop them off at daycare/preschool.  Never.

Because on this morning, I walked out, drove my normal drive to work alone enjoying my drink and the radio and walked into work around 7:20AM and started my day.  Nope, not stressful getting out the door once I pulled out of the driveway.

Jimmy on the other hand...poor guy.

I got this text message from him below that Maddie was SO upset with him because I don't even know why.  Likely it was that he asked her to go potty (how dare he) or that he put on her shoes (seriously, worst dad ever)...or that he asked her to walk out to the car (I mean if that's not child abuse...). 

Anyways, she was screaming so upset and Jimmy got her into the car seat and then went over to buckle Charlie in and just like that - she threw up.  From crying.  And I'm pretty sure she had cereal that morning.  And maybe some oatmeal.  And of course a big glass of milk.  Yuck, yuck yuck.

Just read to see what he said.  And of course he felt horrible because like any rational adult, he was likely frustrated with the situation (versus Maddie herself) and got mad.  I mean - I would have flipped out.  And vomited.  And maybe cried because I cannot handle things like this.  Especially before work.  No way.

He handled it like a champ though, like I said, super dad.

My favorite part of the text string might be the fact that he accidentally typed "cat" versus "car" and envisioning Charlie buckled into the car seat right next to her screaming "get me out!!!  I'm gonna throw up".  Don't get me wrong - I felt absolutely horrible for him, but was laughing and screen shotted this and sent to my mom and sister to tell them if they thought their day was off to a bad start - couldn't be as bad as Jimmy's.  And they both immediately asked "Wait.  You have a cat?" (no we don't - just a typo).

Of course when I picked the kids up - Charlie went into Maddie's room with me and told her teachers how she threw up in the car this morning - and then I was stuck explaining she really was NOT sick, it was just an "upset-I'm almost 2 and can't handle life-probably couldn't breathe I was screaming so hard/loud" throw up.  Not sure if they bought it, but needless to say, she wasn't sick so thanks a lot Charlie!!

The point of this story besides forcing you to read about the now viral post famousish guy and hopefully getting a good laugh envisioning poor Jimmy's to say.  Here's to you parents that are the day care/school/preschool dropper-offers.  If I could drink alcohol, I would literally cheers to you because...FOR REAL..the fact that you make it out of the house every morning with alive and well children and you have not gone insane means you deserve a medal.  I'm serious.

And now that Jimmy's back in town and is back to his normal taking the kids to school role, this mama couldn't treasure more the fact that I'm lucky enough to get to walk out the door and worry about the stress of my day at work without having to pile on top of that getting everyone out the door and on time.  For real.

And for Jimmy - thank you thank you thank you.  For taking the morning drop off every day like a champ.  While pick up is stressful some days as well, I'll take that any day of the week.  Love you!


  1. What a great reminder to appreciate our husbands who do the majority of the drop offs! Both of the boys have gotten car sick a number of times and it's always Craig who gets to clean it up. And let's not even mention the sucky K10/435/69/35 construction. On Tuesday, it took Craig an hour(!) to get to daycare because of the construction. Meanwhile, I left home and arrive at work 8 minutes later, all while enjoying my bagel and hot cup of coffee.

  2. I love this! It does sometimes take being in the other persons shoes to really realize what they do and how hard it can be at times! I literally laughed out loud at his texts! Poor Jimmy!! And so funny Charlie told the teacher, LOL!!

  3. the 'cat' part is the best...haha...gotta love autocorrect. I think my husband would just text a couple words if this happened to him...where as I would be texting off the charts with multiple cuss words...autocorrected by my phone to "shot" and "duck" obviously...which would just put fuel on the fire! I totally relate to the part of him feeling like he was a dick and then instantly having parent guilt...story of my life! Proof we're all just doing the best we can...puke and all!!