Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday is here!

I'm so excited but seriously - how is it the kick off of Memorial Day weekend and the "official" kick off to summer ALREADY?  Looking back, I have NO idea where the first 5 months of the year have gone.  

My kids have gotten bigger....I have gotten bigger (belly pics to prove it)...and somehow we are almost to the month of June.  Which means a few things:

1. It's SUMMER
2. My sister is getting married in ONE WEEK
3. I'm having a baby in 8 WEEKS

Holy cow to all of those things!


Ok, does anyone else feel like their kids are ALWAYS getting injured?  Or is that just us?  Or maybe just me (because it seems to happen on my watch)....

Jimmy was out of town for 6 days - he came home for like a 4 hour stay on Sunday and then left again for a work trip - and on Monday night by poor Maddie was running with a random glass snowman (who knows why that was out) to show my dad and tripped and fell with it in her hand.  Seriously my worst nightmare.  Glass went flying, she was screaming.  Thank God my parents were over and my mom took screaming Maddie and stopped the bleeding on her upper lift that was cut open and my dad helped keep Charlie away while I picked up all the glass.  The scariest part was when I went to go comfort her and make sure there was no glass in her hands and she unballed her fists and there was a huge cut down the vein in her wrist and on her thumb.  AHHH!  We got it to stop bleeding (thankfully no stitches) but still.  I felt terrible.  She was feeling better though (thank goodness)!

(check out her sweet nose cut - it was worse than the pic looks - at least she still wanted to take fun selfies!)

Then after Jimmy got home...Charlie was getting out of the bath and I was folding laundry on the floor in his room literally RIGHT next to him.  I thought his towel was on the ground...well it wasn't and it was on the hook.  He went to pull it and randomly the hook came out of the wall, he started screaming, I go in there (like 2 ft from where I was sitting) and the hook landed RIGHT on his second toe and it looked like it almost cut it off (I thought it had with the amount of blood).  Thankfully it was just a huge cut and we got the bleeding to calming him my letting him watch a show on our phone and a ninja turtle band aid he was good but limped for a few days.

So yeah, I of course felt like just the worst.  Should I just wrap them up in bubble wrap!?  I want to!


I talked a bit about some nursery progress on my last baby bump post - but we have another exciting project in the kitchen (I asked for your help on wood vs. white cabinets) and I think we've made some progress.  We are going to paint them (!!!) and getting a little crazy, going to paint the island a different color - some sort of aqua.  Our realtor is amazing and redesigns houses and came over with some great suggestions and paint samples and she asked what fun when the painter came over today, he loved it too.  I'm excited to add a little bit of personality to the kitchen through the kitchen island!  Now for the fun part - emptying the cabinets! Ha!

I love this kitchen I found on Pinterest (although our cabinets won't be quite as white because we have off-white trim everywhere).  We will have some accents too in our glass cabinets.  



Going to a memorial day BBQ?  I tried out this recipe that I just got from a delish video (saw it on Facebook a few week ago) and it turned out so pretty and so yummy!  Who doesn't love bacon either?  If you are looking for something different and delicious....try it out!  I just followed the video (while no specific measurements) and it turned out awesome!

My finished version:

Super fancy, huh?  Well that and super easy and delicious!


Since it's kicking off summer officially - here are a few "signs of summer" from our house lately.

Popsicle's and no shirts are the best combo!

Wagon adventures with big cousins are SO.MUCH.FUN.  They went all over with Ben and Kenlie while in the wagon at Grana and Pop's.  Seriously, big cousins are the best.

More selfies....

..and more Popsicle's....

And gorgeous peonies from my mother-in-law's garden!

Oh and running in the sprinklers (we've already done this twice!  YEAH!)

However, if you follow me on IG, you know the video of Maddie FREAKING out when she actually got hit by water.  She sat the rest of the time on dad's laugh.  It was hilariously sad :)


Finally, almost to the ONE WEEK countdown until my sister's wedding.  I'm starting to write my speech and OMG - let's just say I am a freaking crying mess every time I start write something or add something or think of something new.  Little sister getting married in general + 32 weeks pregnant = a speech that I can't make it through without bawling.  Lord help us.

I CAN'T WAIT!!!  It's finally almost here! #foreveraburden

Happy Friday!

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  1. First of all, I'm so sorry about your kids' injuries!! How terrible!! But both were complete accidents and very coincidental, so don't blame it on yourself!! Also, I love the idea of an aqua island!!!! And that BLT salad looks fab. I'm a huge fan of BLTs in the first place so I will be making that soon! Have a great weekend!

  2. OMG, your kitchen is going to look so different, but awesome!! Can't wait to see! xo