Friday, May 13, 2016

It's Friday and mid-May...

I cannot believe that it is already mid-May.  What happened to the time and this spring?  And I'm 30 weeks pregnant?  Seriously people #timeisFLYING

But I'm so freaking glad it's Friday!!

Here are a few things on my mind for a Friday.


Ok so I'm NOT a music person.  But my husband - it's his thing.  He's always on the hunt for the next big song and of course let's me know.  This JT song that was released on May 6?  I have to agree with him, it's pretty dang catchy for summertime or really ALL the time.  It's amazing.  Seriously JT - you've done it again.

Do yourself a favor and take a listen - I promise you can't help but dance!!!!  A hit this summer for sure.  Good call, Jimmy!


Speaking of SUMMER time (which can't you just taste?) - anyone else love Quik Trip and their 79 cent fountain drinks?  I know I seriously get excited about this every year - but it's already in full swing and I love it.  

Now if they only had a drive thru....because going in and taking my 2 kids into get a fountain drink is not only crazy town, but also expensive because they have all these great suckers and snacks and ninja turtle drinks and slushies and doughnuts and pretty much #everythingkidslove


You know when you are perusing Facebook and you see some ad for a small business?  Well I stumbled onto something the other night and LOVED it.  And even better they had some amazing stuff on sale.  Check out Smallwood home and their wood signs - they are pretty awesome!

I ordered this sign and cannot wait to get it - and at 50% off...nothing better!

source/order link


I'm on an INSANE nesting kick.  Well more like I want to organize every inch of my house.  I need to take a chill pill.  Some of the things are new baby related and other places are just space that we have thrown things in and haven't been organized in a long time (seriously though, how do people keep up with all these rooms/areas to organize and KEEP organized).

This week?  I cleaned out the deep freeze and our two refrigerator freezers, cleaned out Charlie's closet, cleaned out the nursery closet and moved all the wrapping paper stuff to the buffet in the dining room and now I'm fixated on finding a better way to organize our pantry.  UGH.  I mean I'm not sad about it, but seriously it's like the only thing I can think about #organizeeverythingallthetime

I love these pantry ideas off Pinterest (we have a small walk in pantry - with wire shelves and a random dog door in there - that is not used because our dog is too big...but really - who wants to leave the pantry door open to let the dog in and out anyways...ha!).  So someone want to take down my wire shelves, paint it and then hang up wood shelves with a bigger shelf to permanently store store some of our bigger kitchen appliances?  Ok done!

I love this one a LOT! (ours is not this wide though!!)
I like this one - nothing fancy but with a nice shelf!!
It's fun to dream right?!?!  Now if I could just bend down and not want to scream in pain :)


What is a five on Friday without a picture of my kiddos?  We are kicking off a fun weekend together - no big plans, but fun stuff to do and a birthday party to attend.  Soaking in my time with these two crazy kids until we add one more of them to the mix.

And seriously - can I get an "amen" to this real life picture?  This was the best one I could find that I snapped this week.  These kids - only one of them dressed (it's usually both of them), eating fruit out of the bowls, toys ALL over...yep, sounds about right.  Oh and what you can't see is that Maddie attempted to put on her own underwear and her cheeks were hanging out.  Oh Lord.

Wishing you a happy Friday and a weekend filled with not very many plans but a whole lotta fun.

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  1. Love that JT song!! And I totally want to order that same sign as you, I love it!! Love the pic of your cute kiddos! Have a great weekend, Mama!

  2. I am loving Justin's song. Can I tell you that it's about time he has a song that's fun? I haven't liked his recent stuff if years but this? This is a summer game changer.

  3. Those pantries are fabulous! Ours is pretty organized but definitely doesn't look like that! And you're the second person to blog about that JT song today! I'm not sure I've ever heard it, but clearly I need to give it a listen. #countryradioonly Have a great weekend, friend!

  4. I'm definitely going to have to check out that Smallwood Home shop. I drink fountain sodas often. That's a good price on them. The cheapest around here when they're on sale is 99 cents.