Monday, August 22, 2016

A crazy day at the K

This is how our Sunday started out.  Full bed and full hearts.  We had a busy Saturday after going to the KC cares walk through Childrens mercy hospital in the morning (and McAlister's for lunch- my new obsession!) and then had Jimmy's friends and their families over Saturday night.  So everyone "slept in" until 7 and it was truly glorious!!

We went to church and on the way home, Jimmy said- what do you think about going to the Royal's game today? Weather is perfect.

Ok - here's the deal.  Brittany two years ago wouldnt even have considered that crazy talk.  Like wait- you want to PAY money to go somewhere with three kid AND skip naps? Not going to lie, that was the first thought that came to my head.  But I didn't immediately respond.  I just kind of sat there thinking.

Thinking about how we haven't really gotten out of the house much as a family yet (I mean I know Mikey's only 1 month that's normal) and really it's been because it's been SO hot and humid in KC.  But Maddie and Charlie have taken it in stride and really been very good being in the house most of the time.  We are always sticking to our schedule and never skip naps.  Never.  

So I kicked my initial "absolutely not" out of my head--- and turned to jimmy and said "yeah, let's do it".  The look on his face when I said that was priceless.  We hurried home, got everyone dressed in royals (or ku or KC- because of course that was a battle), packed lunch for the car, bought tickets online, packed our bag and were off to the K!!

I decided to carry Mikey as I knew taking his car seat and big stroller would likely be a little inhibiting trying to get through people and up to our seats- so we decided on the umbrella stroller for Maddie and the ergo for big Mike.  Charlie had to walk - which he protested to at first but then we told him only big kids get to do that.  Haha.  They look so thrilled.

We met Jimmy's brother's (three of them that were there also) before the game to see the cousins and hang out a bit.  Charlie and Maddie were ancy to get in the stadium to each some COTTON CANDY!  In the mean time, Mikey was not too happy in the Ergo and then I quickly figured out why....when he puked all over me.  That was fun :)  Luckily I had a change of clothes for him - not so much for me.  Haha.  So I got to smell spit up the whole time, but at least he wasn't upset!

When we finally made it to our seats, we found the perfect spot to the side where we were all alone and there was some shade.  Kids got their first treat (cotton candy) and were satisfied. When that was done, they had a chance to roam the area and put down about every seat.  In the mean time, Mikey and I enjoyed the views and some nursing time.

Oh Pot Roast miss pickle bottom (BTW this is her brother's shirt...they are the same size - 4T!)

When they started to get restless, off to the bathroom dad and the big kids went and then got the second treat - popcorn!  Yum!  

Annnndddd - of course we had to take a family selfie!
(PS I just love Charlie in his hat. So much!)

Mikey was so good hanging out and there was a nice breeze.  Slowly the sun started creeping into where we had found some shade though (bummer!) and I had to pee and Charlie kept asking when he could go play with Slugger.  So off we went to the bathroom first.  I could smell Mikey's diaper...but he was completely unphased getting changed.  It was hilarious - peaced out the WHOLE time I was changing him (it was a 4 wipe poop).  People were commenting on how funny it was!

What might have been funnier - was if people would have seen me going pee in the bathroom with Mikey in one hand ;)

Charlie, Mikey and I made it over to the kid's section at the K.  Maddie on the other hand - was not too happy.  No nap for Maddie is not pretty let's just say.  Jimmy said he spent 10 minutes with her right outside the elevator as she was completely flailing and SO strong and he couldn't get her to calm down.  So he just sat there while she through a fit on the floor and then he finally got her in the stroller - then she wouldn't let him push her.  

BUTTTTT - they did finally make it over.  In the mean time, it was complete CHAOS in the kid's area of the K.  Charlie really wanted to get in the fountains they have in that area.  However, the lady behind us in line when we were waiting to get in the stadium told me that 2 years ago they brought their 2 and 4 year old here, let them play in the fountains and they got hand foot mouth.  So yes - my kids were not going into that fountain to play, sorry.  Charlie did play on the playground for awhile and loved it, but there were SO many kids everywhere.  We ran into two of Jimmy's brothers and hung with them for a little bit.  When Maddie and Jimmy found us, Maddie was so tired but demanded on playing with Charlie on the playground.  After about 5 minutes, not sure if Jimmy and I were just tired or paranoid about losing a child -but we pulled the plug.  The Royal's were up anyways and it was the 7th inning.

However, Charlie wasn't about to forget his third and final treat - he wanted some ice cream but I'm not kidding when I say the line to the Belfonte place was literally at least an hour long.  So dippin dots for the win (luckily we had a bit of cash left)!  Maddie was satisfied with fruit snacks (thank goodness).

When we were leaving - you could tell it was time to go.  However, Charlie was SO slow and we were SO far away from our car.  I am not kidding that at the moment I thought to myself, God help us - Bobby, Hillary and Jay showed up right behind us (Love that Jay and Mikey got to go to their first Royal's game at the same time!)!!  And Uncle Bobby to the rescue because he swooped Charlie up and put him on his shoulders.  Which is pretty awesome in general - but when you're 6ft 9in - that makes a shoulder ride like the best thing ever (Charlie was pumped!).  And then - just like that a guy in a golf cart shows up and offers to drive us to our car - OMG - lifesaver.  So seriously, that was not a coincidence - because while we had fun, I'm not going to lie that we were all exhausted and just so ready to get to the car.

And in about 5 minutes, this is what our back seat looked like.

Jimmy and I were both starving though because we didn't really eat, so we enjoyed some quiet "date" time and made a stop at Quik Trip for some tea, taquitos, a hot dog and shared a pretzel.  Now that's love.  Mikey started crying about half way to QT (which was right by our house), but the big kids stayed asleep somehow and I snuck him out of his car seat and fed him while Jimmy got our snacks. 

And then being the mom ninja I am, I went through the back and got Mikey back in his car seat (while asleep - after he ate), without waking him or the big kids up.  Seriously #parentingwin right there.

Once we got home, the skipped naps were showing their ugly head.  Charlie was crying for no reason (aka tired) and Maddie was literally off the walls.  However, nothing the fuf and a movie can't fix.  And then after a delicious dinner of cereal (two kinds for them of course), it was time for baths and bed at 6:45. 

Everyone slept like a champ (well, Mikey not so much because he slept most of the day!), but overall, I went to bed and I was just so happy in my heart.  Was the day long and tough?  Yes.  Were there moments that Jimmy and I were both frustrated?  Absolutely.  However, I'm so glad that we said "yes" because it was overall a fun day and a memory we will never ever forget.  

As we were going to sleep, I was asking Jimmy if he thought I had changed in the last few years.  And he said I was absolutely almost a different person from when we got married - in a good way.  I was so much more laid back, went with the flow more than ever and he's loving every second of it.  And I told him that I felt the same way.  It's weird because the more kiddos and chaos we add to our family, the more relaxed I feel like I'm forced to be because honestly, there is just not the time or energy to stress about all the little things.  Go with the flow (to an extent) has turned out to be a lot more fun and enjoyable.  Yes, I still have meal plans, lists, schedules, etc.  I'm still a little crazy about things (like - it's non-negotiable to me that the kitchen as to be clean at night - the floors/toys...not so much a must for me anymore!).  You won't see me giving up my calendar (or calendars) anytime soon - but I'm loving the person and mom and wife I'm becoming.  It's amazing how you are constantly changing as a person and I'm so thankful that my kiddos are making me better each day.  A little more crazy and throw in some gray hair popping through- but better in the long run for sure!!!!


  1. Love this, Brittany! Such a fun way to spend the day together, craziness and all!

  2. Looks like a ton of fun but a ton of work too. Good for you all for giving it a go though. I would never be brave enough to take 3 kids to the ballpark. I can barely handle taking C.

  3. I'm so impressed you took all three to a Royals game!! Looks like a great time and a special first outing as a family of 5! Btw, I hate that playground! It's not very toddler friendly and it's so hard to keep track of the kids!!