Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mikey's nursery reveal!

I'm not going to lie...not knowing the gender of the baby does make nursery planning quite a bit harder (at least for me).  And I'm claiming that is the reason it was no where near done before Mikey arrived.  I might have also been super busy and completely uncomfortable and dead tired.  #endofpregnancyproblems  (here was my original inspiration)

But with his newborn pictures scheduled just a week and a half after his arrival- I knew I had to use his first week of life (and my maternity leave) to get my act together.  And that's just what we did.  We had a fun time shopping at Hobby Lobby, Target, Amazon, etc. to put together his room.  And I love that I got to know he was a boy to add some masculine touches as well.

Welcome to Mikey's room!

This is what you see right when you walk through the door:

I love it because it's just so peaceful in his room.  My main requirement from day 1 was that we use the glider from Charlie's room (the navy one pictured) because it is soooo comfy.  Made the mistake with Maddie of using a free one that was not comfortable which in turn meant I never wanted to sit in her room and feed her. So lesson learned!!

The geometric shelves are from target (can find here) and was something I picked up last minute and love.  The decor in those I picked up from hobby hobby (the arrow and moose head are actually door pulls!!).  The side table I love and got on clearance at target and the lamp (per my SIL recommendation!) is from the Target Pillow Fort collection and it's a touch lamp!!!  Amazing!

The window was hard because it has a half circle at the top (just like Maddie's room does). It needs to be covered so it's somewhat dark for daytime naps, but since I bought all his bedding (versus making it like Maddie and Charlie's), I was stuck on what to cover the valance with. And then the Shiplap trend occurred to me.  So I told Jimmy my vision and he delivered.  With some boards from Home Depot and after some experimenting with stain colors (ended up using a gray stain + 2 coats of brown to get the resulting color), I was in love!!!  The curtains are just from Amazon and were WAY cheaper than the $96 each panels to match the bedding.

I have put a reading book similar to this in all my kids rooms and I love it for multiple reasons.  1) the shelves are so cheap and easy DIY (three boards, some screws, nail gun + paint and done!); 2) a great and accessible - for kids - way to display the books; 3) the rug welcomes the bigger kiddos to take a seat and read while I'm nursing the babe (and yes, that does happen quite frequently!)

The shelf plans you can find here and the prints hanging I got from here as a free nursery printable and I love.  The frames are cheapo Walmart frames that I spray painted navy --- by the way, if you didn't know I literally spray paint everything.  Rug is comfy and from Amazon too!!

It was very nice of Charlie and Maddie to share their books!  The color of the shelves matches the color of the dresser I painted. It's Annie Sloan chalk paint in Xxx.

The crib!!  I thought this thing wouldn't be used for awhile but grunter mc grunterson was a loud sleeper from day 1 and has actually been sleeping here since he was a week old- and he loves it!

Ahhh the space above the crib.  I was struggling for a long time what to do with it.  I originally wanted to do an accent wall and was thinking painting it, maybe removable wallpaper and even thought of like a wood type wall that you see on Pinterest.  In the end, all were either more expensive that I wanted to go or more work or both :) So this is what I ended up with and I love it.  Simple, clean and easy to change up.

The clock and arrow are from Target (the arrow was one of the first things I bought after the bedding!).  The "M", canvas, antlers and cross are all from Hobby Lobby. And the white frame is from Walmart.  I will say I had quite a few more items purchased as I tried to figure out what to hang and where, so it was nice having options and then I returned what I didn't use!!

Bedding is from Carousel Designs and I actually ordered through Amazon here.  I love the yellow and navy and the arrows (PPFL).  If Mikey had been a girl, my plan was to play up the coral in the arrows more (and less navy) and use the arrow crib sheet I also have!

While we are using the Nest cams for the kids rooms now, we have our old Motorola monitor (we have something like that but ours is 4 years old and they don't sell it anymore) set up because that sound and video stays on constantly (which is what I need with him).  The nest is perfect for Maddie and Charlie because it's accessible from our phones and alerts us of movement (aka someone is trying to escape their crib...Maddie..). But I still love the Motorola for the babe!

Oh this view.  I love it so much.  Really I love the whole room and especially the resting babe in it!!!


Seriously you must have this.  I love it so much! Stylish AND so useful because baby supplies are right there but not in a drawer or sitting on the dresser.

This was another work of Jimmy's (thanks babe!). I told him what I wanted, sent him these plans and he (with my dad's help) executed them flawlessly.

Quick summary: we bought the pegboard from Lowe's, painted it navy, bought the trim boards and he used the kreg jig to attach those in a rectangle.  We stained them the same color and the he and my dad mounted over the pegboard.  The tricky part was getting the pegboard far enough away from the wall to be able to hang things on it.  They stacked washers behind the screw before attaching into the wall and it worked perfect.

The baskets I got for cheap from Home Depot and spray painted them gold!

The "Mikey" banner letters were from hobby lobby for like fifty cents each and I just love them!  The print is the fourth one (other three above the bookcases).  And of course, a Royal's hat...courtesy of Uncle Mike and Aunt Lindsay!  Oh and the teething necklace was a great gift from Sarah that I know will go to good use!

The dresser?  That was a Facebook swap and shop find!  Only $150 and I painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Arles (if you haven't ever used it - it's sooo easy! No sanding required!).  And the new handles I got off amazon.

Changing pad and cover were from Charlie's nursery!  And of course baby Mikey loving his room.

This is a view from the other side (and what I stare at frequently while nursing him!).  You can see the contrast between the white walls and the off white trim really good here because of the closet doors.  I was nervous doing white at first but I think it looks just fine with the trim! (PS we used Behr Marquee paint - it said it was guaranteed one coat (with no primer).  We had a mid/dark brown/beige on these walls before and Jimmy did have to do two coats #fail)

I love the gold arrow (hobby lobby) but my favorite thing is the picture from hobby lobby that says "Ladies love a Gentleman".  I had a few other pictures I bought but this one I loved too much to not use!

Mikey has his own bathroom with a shower (this used to be our guest room), so when he's big enough for baths in the real tub, he will join his brother and sister in their shared tub!  Eventually this might be Maddie's room- or Charlie's...all depends on if we decide to have another baby eventually.  For now, this bathroom works great and serves its purpose well!

And of course...this boy's room wouldn't be complete without something about the 2015 World Series champions- haha.  That might just be why he's here ;)

So there you have it.  It's pretty simple, but like I said...I really do love it and it's so peaceful to me.  I hope Mikey can grow with it too just like the other kiddos have with their rooms!!!


  1. Love, love, love the peg board! Definitely want to try that once we redo Leighton's room and/or add another babe!

  2. It is all so perfect!!!
    I am obsessing over the shiplap valance. SO SMART! And the peg board is GENIUS!!!
    Love it all!!!

  3. Perfect space!! Love the peg board - and ladies DO love a gentlemen :)

  4. Bahahahahaha to the Royals shout out! Mikey can thank Alex Gorden, Salvi, and Lorenzo Cain as he grows older. ;) I love everything about this nursery!! And these pictures don't even do the room justice. It's even more amazing in person! You did such a great job of throwing it together in such a short amount of time!

  5. Everything is SO cute! I love the colors you went with. Perfect!!

  6. This room is PERFECT!!! You put in a lot of thought to the details and it really shows.

  7. I really like the whole theme and decor. I especially like the pegboard.