Friday, August 26, 2016

Five things

It's Friday and we are looking forward to a fun weekend.  KU Football kick off tonight, first soccer practice/game of the fall for both Charlie AND Maddie (she's pumped!), a friend's birthday party and my birthday on Sunday!!  

These are all super random - so beware.


What have I been watching on TV/Netflix seems to be the common question I get in regards to my maternity leave. Haha.  I have found some shows on Netflix, but also some On Demand shows on our cable.  Night now I'm loving The Night Shift!!  Have you seen it?


Per an instagram recommendation by my friend (also a new contributor for KCMB!), Stephanie, I downloaded the book Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty and soared through this book.  So suspenseful and when you have anything that involves a kid, put things in perspective.  Check it out for sure - I love this author! 


In exciting news - I am going to be writing for as one of the new contributors of the Kansas City Mom's Blog!  I've read all the articles for the awesome mom's in the KC area since it came about.  The group of women is already so awesome, I'm excited to get to know them all more!!

My first post was published last week (check it out here).  It was all about our next door neighbors, the Wilson's, and their sweet son Noah, who passed away in June 2015 of cancer.  While Noah was being treated at Children's Mercy Hospital, he started an amazing organization called Noah's Bandage Project, that is continuing to encourage kids and raise money for pediatric cancer even after he's gone.  I was so nervous to start writing for this, but this was just the most wonderful thing to write about and I'm excited to continue writing for them!


So what ELSE am I doing on maternity leave?  Is there some kind of nesting AFTER the baby is here?  Haha.  For some reason I'm on this organization spree in my house and this week I made it into my closet.  Holy cow - I have 3 full trash bags of stuff that I will be donating to Big Brother's and Big Sister's.  Luckily Mikey has been a champ in hanging out with me in the closet (and taking some decent naps in his crib so I can have my hands free!).  It's looking better and better by the day and guess what?  I'm feeling better because I don't have a closet full of clothes that I don't wear and organized drawers and jewelry!


In somewhat of an attempt to get Charlie and Maddie to not consume a crazy amount of sugar daily (I mean let's be real - mom's a candy lover so sometimes that can be an issue)...I found these energy bites and have been giving them to them after they get home after school.  They LOVE them.  And they are so so easy (only 4 ingredients - yes please) to make.  The kiddos really like helping me roll them into balls too.  And bonus when mom and dad like them too!!

Check out the recipe here!  I actually whipped some more up today because Charlie kept asking me for them and they were all out - I like them because I know the ingredients exactly that are in it...however, I'm for sure one that passes over a breakfast bar as well.

And sorry - I can't end a Five on Friday post without something about my kids (duh!).

These kids make me crazy but make me love life more every day.  Seriously the emotions of parenting literally blow my mind daily!

Ok I'm almost done I promise- these cracked me up this week:

This one ^ omg- I died because it's sooo true!  Mikey seems to the easy one to put down!

Happy Friday friends!

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  1. Happy early birthday!!!!! And congrats once again on your position with KCMB! Your first post was great; can't wait to read more!!!

  2. I'm still really impressed you finished the book already...I've been trying to read at least one chapter a night before falling asleep! Hooray for your first KCMB was great and what an awesome project little Noah started! I already have to get my second post going...and I'm feeling total writer's we'll see how it goes. Hopefully we'll get to meet in person now that we're in this gig together ;)

  3. I have that book on hold at the library. I am number 18 in line with 81 behind me. Maybe I'll read it this year... finger crossed!