Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Celebrating #4 with Charlie

Ok before I start documenting Mikey's official birth story - I have to acknowledge that on July 31 my first born turned FOUR.  I still cannot believe it.  That means next year he will be FIVE.  That just seems so old I cannot handle it.

So Charlie at four years old.  

I have to say, the three year old year was full of ups and downs, but for the most part, I'm going to say it's been ups - because boy oh boy it has been SO much fun watching this kid grow up, become a little more of a boy, learn new things, make new friends, become more independent and be the silliest boy around.  

Charlie at FOUR:

- He loves super heros, legos (yes, lego superheros), cars, ninjas, star wars, you tube videos and riding his bike
- He's a mama's boy for sure :) (YES!)
- Best big brother to Maddie - even with some teasing and slight torture at times - he loves her so so much and I'm slightly terrified when they have to go to separate schools because I don't know what they will do without each other.  And he got an additional role of big brother with little brother Mikey's arrival and boy does he love that baby boy so far - I'm excited to see their relationship develop and grow in the years to come
- He can independently play cars, legos, ninjas for hours on end.  It's amazing and sad at the same time
- Preschool is one of his favorite things - he loves the structure, learning and his friends.  Montessori preschool has been great as he's learning all these new skills through "play" and doing great!  We love hearing about all the stuff he learns each day!  We are excited for him to be the oldest in class this year and be a leader (he's excited too!)
- He loves his cousins so much and can't play with them enough!
- He loves Nana and Papa and Grana and Pops so much - and I love seeing that special grandparent relationship develop
- Only still wears dry fit t-shirts and shorts (I'm interested to see how the fall/winter goes when we have to wear pants again - ha)
- Loves church and just got promoted to the Sonshine room and can't stop talking about it
- Knows and recites the Lord's prayer and insists on doing it before every meal (after Maddie insists on singing God Our Father 
- His heart is full of gold - I swear the way he looks at Mikey, rubs his head and faces, kisses him - it's honestly the sweetest thing ever
- Favorite foods are pizza and sandwiches!  He has been eating SO much better because he wants to get strong muscles - and we are all happy that he's eating (now if he could just teach his sister!)
- When I go in and lay with him at night, he takes his little arm and wraps it around my neck and tells me he loves me (Lord help me when he doesn't do that any more!)

I could go on and on how much I love this kid.  I'm just so proud to call him mine and have just loved watching him grow and learn over the last 4 years.  He couldn't be more sweet and handsome.

So how did we celebrate this sweet boy???  Well, every two years we seem to have a newborn on his birthday (ha!), but of course I can't have a celebration for him - especially now because we go to his friend's birthday parties, so he was very specific.  Ninja gymnastics party (he was jealous because Maddie did gymnastics this summer while he did t-ball).  Done and done.  Not at my house, they set up and do the work and burns off kids energy.  

And it was a success!!

Little sister showing off her SKILLS!

All lined up and ready to go!

So much fun!!!

We celebrated him on Saturday at his party and then did some special family fun on Sunday (his actual birthday).  Everyone deserved a little treat after somewhat cooperating for Mikey's newborn pictures!  So we went to Target and spent some of Charlie's birthday money (he bought new cars - his obsession still!) and this was our first time venturing out as a family of 5.  Jimmy loved it.

After Target, we went to a new shaved ice hut close by to try it out: Jarvey's!!  We missed their grand opening the night before, but it was fun and delicious!

Selfie's with my to older babes!

And really, how sweet are these two - Charlie sharing and feeding little sister!

When we got home that night he just played with his cars.  Such a handsome 4 year old!

While Mikey and I hung out watching him :)

And Maddie played with one of Charlie's awesome presents!

So so thankful for this adorable boy that came into our lives 4 years ago - hard to believe how fast time flies!!  Love you so much sweet Charlie!


  1. Oh Charlie seems so so sweet!! I love what a good big brother he is! He really reminds me a lot of Brayden at that age. I almost teared up because it brought me back to that time with him but now he's 6 and things are much different - he's still sweet but it's just not the same :( I wish I could go back in time!

    Jimmy's face at Target had me giggle!! It's a big deal getting out as a family of 5 at first!

    I'm glad Charlie had the best birthday!

  2. I forgot to comment on this- but that makes me so sad too - now I keep thinking about how I need to continue to soak in ALL of his sweetness even more!