Thursday, August 4, 2016

My sister is a MRS!

Ok - this post is a whole TWO months late to be exact - but it's a necessary blog post and I want you to see all the beautifulness that my sister and her whole wedding was on June 4!  It is so fun looking back on these pictures for multiple reasons - they are beautiful and WOW so much has already changed in two months!!

We kicked off the weekend of fun on Friday with a bridesmaid lunch at Nick & Jake's and then headed to a salon to get our nails done.  It was so fun and seriously, these girls are so awesome and my sister is so lucky to have a great set of friends!!!

The rehearsal was that night and then we headed to the 180 Room, which is the event space by the famous Joe's KC BBQ (previously known as Oklahoma Joe's).  The BBQ was SOOOO good and the company was even better.

My beautiful sister and her Pi Phi friends!

All the bridesmaids

And the handsome groom and his groomsmen

Bride, Groom and my parents

The next day, we all met at Primp and Blow in the new Prairie Fire and got our hair done.  It was not as impressive as you'd think, but luckily my sister was getting her make up done by a rockstar hair stylist as well at the hotel room, so any disaster that might have been was avoided and her hair was beautiful as well as her make up!!!

We had some fun taking pictures in the hotel room - this one cracks me up!!!

And seriously - her dress was BEAUTIFUL.  BEAUTIFUL.  Just like she was and is!

Love this shot of my sister and her bridesmaids!

After we let the hotel, we headed to the church for Lyndsay and Casey's first look.

After a special first look (and some exchanging of presents), we all got on the trolley and headed to downtown KC to the Kauffman Performing Arts center.  GORGEOUS building and some gorgeous pictures!

After some pictures there (this was my favorite of the two of them!), we headed to the Liberty memorial for some awesome shots of the awesome KC skyline!

There were some great shots of all the group that they got as well!!

When we got to the church, it was almost time for the ceremony!  And I seriously LOVE these pictures that they got of my dad seeing her for the first time.  Makes my heart so happy.  Best dad and best sister!

This one is awesome and she's telling him not to cry :)  His baby girl is getting married!

The Wesley chapel was beautiful and look at those flowers!  Swoon!

All of her details were amazing - love these!

And LOOK at their guest book.  It was amazing!

Almost time for the ceremony and Maddie had her game face on.  Her brother - eh, not so much.

My grandma was able to make it down to the wedding from Iowa and we are ever so grateful.  She hasn't been in the best health and what a blessing to have her there to watch my sister celebrate her special day!  This will be a picture I know we will always treasure.

Oh and then you have my kids.  Jeez.  Charlie wasn't having it.

But they kind of made it down the aisle!

And then my sister and dad were loving their walk down the aisle, while my mom was a little emotional.  I won't remind you of this picture from my wedding - lol.  My mom and I are both bawling!

GORGEOUS!  The ceremony was beautiful and I just love that they wrote letters to each other that the pastor read.

Mr and Mrs BURDEN!!!!

Waiting for them to come out - pregnant belly and all!

Our family!

Then it was trolley time to head to the reception.

Gorgeous couple they are!!

Jimmy the trolley DJ and dancing man.

I love this shot of them on the trolley!!

We made a quick stop by prairie fire and took some pictures in front of the GORGEOUS building!!!  Seriously it looks so awesome in pictures and the colors are perfect!

Bridesmaid selfie!!!!

Onto the reception and some awesome details.  My sister used a florist she had worked with before and even though I'm not a flower person these were all so so beautiful!!!

Her husband is a big dessert guy and they had this amazing dessert table with all kinds of delicious desserts!

And their cake!!!!

Onto the tables- how freaking beautiful?!??

Here is awesome guest book she ordered from etsy. Love it so much! Especially of their pups too!!

Aquinas looked gorgeous and their head table was beautiful!!!

Someone wanted dessert ❤️

Coming in as a married couple!!! They are so cute!!!!

First dance!!!

And the infamous Pi phi dance (that I missed as I was wrangling children!).

It was seriously the most beautiful wedding-  I know she worked so freaking hard on it and it showed.  She's an amazing event coordinator and you could tell!!!  I know she's happy that it's over with and they are married (and they got to go to Mexico right after!!!), but it was a pretty special day!!

I'm so happy for her and thankful she found such a wonderful man to spend the rest of her life with!!

(Many of these images are taken by Beau Vaughn photography)


  1. Congratulations to your sister! Looks like she had a wonderful day. Love the colors of the flower arrangements.

    1. Thanks Terra!! It was such a fun day. And I seriously LOVED her flower colors too!!!

  2. I have been waiting for this post since June but I know you have been a tad busy :) What a beautiful wedding! Please tell your sister how gorgeous I thought everything was and please tell your mom that I l-o-v-e-d her dress. Love your whole fam!

    1. Oh girl I've been dying to get some of her pictures and post them- jt was such a gorgeous wedding!!!! They are having so much fun as a married couple now too :) I will tell her- I loved her dress so much too- looked perfect on her!!!

  3. What a beautiful day! And I can just say the bridal party's flowers are gorgeous.