Thursday, August 11, 2016

Quick and cheap: organizing kids paper

You guys- quick and easy tip for you.  I know that you have SO much paper for your kids because who doesn't?? Not only preschool/school stuff but doctor's paperwork, baptism certificates, and the list goes on.  While I've gotten better at feeling ok to toss random drawings, some I truly do want to keep.  But our file cabinets are full and I wanted something quick and easy designated for each kid.  Here's my solution:

A whopping $4 plastic crate. Yep- and I always get them at back to school time!

They are just perfect for putting the hanging files and filling with folders.  We have a different fomkr for each kid and I just love them and how easily accessible they are.  I used to have them stacked in the coat closet, but when we re did our pantry- I found the perfect home for them!!

Not like a miracle solution, but it's a cheap and simple way that I've found to organize all the papers and momentos we want and need to keep for each kid!!! 

Happy organizing!


  1. Great idea!! I'm in the process of doing something similar now because stuff is just piling up and I haven't done anything with it, ugh!

  2. What a simple solution but still oh so awesome. I'm going to snag this for your craft supplies.