Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wow, what a night: Future Mrs. Strathman...PG13

Saturday, 5/30 marked a few things for the Pi Phi Pledge Class of '03. One being Lauren Myer's wedding shower and bachelorette party to the Royals game, and another being the night that many of us (if not all attending) experienced an in home male stripper for the first time. I really don't know if anything I write down can justify this experience. The bride-to-be found it pretty hysterical as well as the rest of the attendees. But I'm pretty sure in saying the others to be wed will not be hiring him for their bachelorette parties....that one time experience will probably remain just that: one time. Great job bridesmaids for organizing the late night "pizza"!!! This was a night we will never forget :) Only 3 weeks until the big day too!!
Our faces are a preview to the next picture---thanks Rachel (I stole off your FB album!)

No words. Hahahahahaha. Hopefully Vanessa talks to him @ the gym!

The most awkward part of the night was that he ended up staying around and chatting for like 30 mintues after his "show". Jessica had many questions...including "do you have a boyfriend?". Enough said.

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