Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Birthday weekend fun!!!

Last weekend was apparently deemed "birthday weekend" to help celebrate me turning the big 2-4. It was great!!!

Friday night we had some people over to our house to celebrate with LOTS of food and a keg. Thanks so much to everyone who came over to help celebrate and see our house. Also- Jimmy attempted @ organizing a pitch tournament for everyone to play, but the structure kind of fizzled as the night went on---but hopefully everyone learned to play the game because I think I heard Jimmy talk about upcoming "pitch nights". Not sure though.

Anyways, Lauren was roommate of the year in helping to get everything ready for the party. She cleaned, she cooked, and she bought decorations!! So nice of her!! However, she did mention to me on Thursday that she was getting a cake- but I apparently decided to block that out of my head because when she arrived home Friday afternoon with a HUGE cake from Sam's with "Happy 24th Birthday Brittany" written on it and everything, I was baking cupcakes. Hmm- I need to listen better. Regardless, we had PLENTY of baked goods to go around and she even got candles, had everyone sing to me, and I blew them out. I also tried to be nice and have Willy try and "assist" me in blowing them out. However, he was much more interested in the cake itself then blowing out the candles so I only blew about 1/2 of them out before I had to pull him away after several attempts to eat the icing flowers. Pretty sure he would be really sick if he got a hold of those. However, I apparently really stink at taking pictures of people and during the actual party!!! Because I got none. I know Lauren did take some, so I'll wait for her to post them on facebook, steal them, and post them on the blog!!! Here are a few though of the "aftermath".

Delicious cake!!! Obviously it was good- almost gone.

And of course we had balloons. Willy however is deathly afraid of them.

Beautiful birthday flowers!!! Jimmy sent me my favorite to work (the lilies and irises) and then the Strathman's brought me the pink daisies!! They smell SO good.

This was one of my favorite birthday presents too! Lauren got me it from Pottery Barn because I had mentioned I really wanted an organizer for the mail, etc to put in our entry hall. It's perfect!!! I can't wait to start using it. I also got a 2 year membership to 24 hour fitness from my parents and Jimmy- GREAT present and a Netflix membership from Jimmy for our weekly Sunday night movie nights. However, I will begin managing the queue of movies now. The movie "Willow" that we watched last Sunday---yeah, not the best movie. Sorry Jim!!
Thanks to everyone for the warm birthday wishes, phone calls, coming to the party, Hallmark cards :), presents, and everything else!!! I have the best friends and family and had such a great time celebrating another wonderful year of life!!

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