Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mancave compromise almost complete :)

All right, so this weekend was busy.  I really wasn't expecting or planning on doing this project, but it's been one of those house to-dos that I have been wanting to tackle for awhile.  I think there is one final thing..but for now, here are the pics.

Remember this post/picture?  Yes, this was what it looked like when we moved in.  With her furniture of course...

Well...here is the almost final product.  Like I said....I still want to paint the fireplace cover thing black.  I think it will look a lot better because we really don't have anything that bright gold.  But I can appreciate a work in progress.

Ta da :)  Yes, so among the other more contemporary decor that we have added, along with the mantle, the mirror....I painted the fireplace.  It was a little nervous because once you start, there is no going back. However, the brick really wasn't a true "red brick" color and it was really dirty.  So I found this post on the Young House Love website and it seemed easy enough.  And really, it was.  Here is it half done...

And then me.  Very happy.  Wearing a Pi Phi shirt from like 2005.  So don't feel like you ever have to stop wearing the Pi Phi formal 2006 sweatshirt!  I will never stop wearing old pi phi stuff.

In addition, these were on sale at Kohl's and I couldn't pass them up.  We really needed something in this small space right behind the chair.  So I went and picked the bench up and then Jimmy was oh so kind to go during his lunch break on Monday to get the storage unit on top.  Putting them together---well that was another story.  Jimmy NEVER yells or raises his voice at me.  But apparently my stupidity in assembling these two things really put him over the edge because he got super frustrated.  And so did I.  But the good news is, only Lauren got to experience it, and Molly for a short time, so that's history right. And now we can just enjoy this new addition to the man cave :)

So what is up next???  Painting the gold thing on the fireplace, getting a new fire resistant door from the garage into the man cave...and the BEST EVER........GRANITE COUNTERTOPS.  I'm surprised it took me this long to spill the beans, but I've been focusing on wedding stuff lately and random posts, but yes it's true.  I fell in love and it is a great deal, so I started writing the check for the deposit and forgot I should probably call Jimmy and tell him I was making it happen.  So after the first week of February, our kitchen will be just a bit more into the 21st century.

Sweetness.  I love home improvement.  It makes me smile. Also, see that really empty wall space.  It's hard for me to say, but Jimmy if someone really does buy those stupid KU canvas paintings you registered for at Bed, Bath, and Beyond...I just might let you hang those there.  Now talk about COMPROMISE.  I think that get's best wife-to-be-ever award.

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  1. Looks awesome guys! Love to see how people update their homes - it's an addiction of mine I think...also, switching out the fireplace cover was huge - looks awesome! Hope all is well...Adam