Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trip to Lubbock: True Family Reunion

This weekend we left on Friday morning to head to Lubbock, TX for the annual True family reunion. We made the 11 hour drive on Friday...then back again to KC on Sunday. Details of the trip: rented a really high-tech mini van (who knew they were so cool now!), drove with 6 people, left 1 hour after planned departure time on Friday, had a 45 min pit stop in Ottawa, KS at the WalMart to get a new fuse that had blown so we could have power for our electronics, and then made a detour in some small town in West Texas for Sonic happy hour...until we finally made it!

Here's a recap of those that were in the car:

Barb and Roger...drivers most of the time, but got a small break on the way there. Thanks for taking us and treating us to food all weekend long. Apparently next year, when we are married my mom informed me we have to get our own room---but we'll see :) It was pretty fun shacking up with the whole family! Keeps it interesting!

Lyndsay and Andrew- this was his first time to meet this family. I think he learned a little more than he ever wanted to know, but I would like to think he was thoroughly entertained this weekend. I was VERY happy that he came along!! He had so much fun shopping......

HI- Jimmy and I were the last of the 6 in the car!

We left all 4 wiener dogs at my parents house with a dog sitter. I think she was a little overwhelmed at the "meet and greet" with all 4 dogs that took place on Monday night, but she had a successful weekend and the dogs are all doing great :)
With this long drive, there was lots of West Texas to look at. Nice and brown and dry and FLAT

Anyways, with any Bruns family trip....there were some moments to remember. The first did include making the 40 min shopping trip about 45 minutes into the trip at WalMart, but the second was pretty freaking hilarious. On Friday night, we got back in the room about midnight after hanging out with family at the hotel bar. I decided that I needed to pluck a stray eyebrow that I saw while I was washing my face. So I sat on the granite countertop and just swung my feet around in the sink so I could get as close as possible. (We were in a suite, so my mom and I were in the bedroom and everyone else was in the living room). Next thing I know, there is a loud noise and my feet are no longer in the sink...because it fell through. I just look at my mom and we start cracking up. I literally thought she was going to pee her pants she was laughing so hard. I quickly jump off the countertop, hysterically laughing while everyone else runs into the room to see what the noise was. To their surprise...this is what they saw:

2nd view- apparently they did not do a good job.

So after we all started laughing, my dad noticed when it fell it had busted a pipe..then he started talking about what a bad job they did of putting this together and how cheap it was. Apparently only caulking the underside of an undermount sink is not enough and clamps are required (learn something new everyday). After a call to the maintenance staff, we find out with the 14 softball teams staying in the hotel, there are no rooms so we will have to make do tonight and they will fix it and we can move rooms in the morning. We ended up just staying in that room after it was fixed....but apparently it happened to 4 other rooms in the last few weeks. That makes me feel better, but still. Haha. Now that I'm typing about this, it really isn't THAT funny, maybe it was "had to be there in the moment" one of things??

Well, anyways, here's to a great family reunion. Can't wait to go to Oklahoma City next year---Bricktown here we come!! And at that point, we'll be married and apparently Jimmy has to get up and recite everyone's name in the True family. He better start memorizing that family tree now because I don't even know it!! I'm sure there will be plenty of stories when we head out on Thursday to the lake for the Carter family vacation too----so get excited.

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