Friday, February 11, 2011

Back to school

A few weeks ago....I became a student again and have officially started getting my MBA (remember when I finished the GMAT?)!! After my first class being canceled due to weather the first week of January and then not having class due to MLK holiday the next Monday--- I finally got to attend class at UMKC for the start of my MBA. And boy oh boy- it was quite the shock.

It's funny because as you get older, I think you forget what it feels like to do something so new and kind of scary. Really, go into the unknown. I'm not going to lie, I was terrified the first day of class. Scared I wouldn't know where to go on campus....the typical questions a college freshmen has during their first week of class like:

"Where do I park?"
"How do I get to my classroom?"
"What will I need for class?"
"What if I'm late?"
"What if no one likes me...?"

Haha, the last one makes me laugh. That as a 25 year old that thought would even pass through my mind...but you know what, I think at any time you do something new with new people, I will feel that way :)

So on my first night I:

- Parked WAY too far away and had to walk forever to my building (in the dark because my class doesn't start until 7)
- Forgot a pen (who does that!)
- Got there WAY too early
- Lived through class :)

But it was funny to me how my nervous emotions made me feel like such a kid again. I've been to class 3 times now, our groups have been assigned, I've read a few chapters in my book (haven't had a quiz yet!), and met some great people that work at some interesting places that I know I'll learn a lot from. I did get assigned as my group "point person", so I guess things never change....but at least I'm hoping other working adults will pull their weight with the group projects more than some of my undergrad classmates did at times :)

So far I'm actually really enjoying my class, my professor and feel like I'm going to learn a lot. However, I am very thankful I was a business undergrad---I can't imagine coming into this class with no business or economics background! I already have a classroom BFF because she has a liberal arts background and is so lots...but I'm happy to help!

And the best part is- I haven't felt like I was going to fall asleep in class yet even though it is from 7-9:45 after working all day long...guess that means it's somewhat interesting!?

Cheers to learning...

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