Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jimmy's first week

As any new thing that one embarks on, there are changes and adjustments. So Jimmy started his new job last the same place I work. Just two buildings over...which in such a huge complex is incredibly close. With him starting work here, what we knew as our "normal" became non-existent and we have started work on establishing our new "normal" and routine in our house. Let me just say this. It has been interesting :) Other words to describe this week: comforting, fun, funny, frustrating, together time (lots of it), wonderful.

Comforting - Those of you in KC are well aware of the massive amounts of snow that happened this past week (still not melted yet with more this week!!!). Schools were canceled Tuesday - Thursday! What a horrible week to start work, especially when you have 6 weeks of mandatory training that you cannot get behind on. Monday we didn't ride together because it was his first day and he didn't have to be there until 9 and I had an 8:00 meeting. Tuesday, we were there right at 8AM, with about 10 other people, but his training was over at noon- thank goodness and we kind of beat the snow home. It was even better to have him and his SUV driving me around and keeping me safe :)

Fun - It has actually been kind of fun riding to and from work with someone. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we don't. But obviously we talk a lot more because once we get in the car we immediately talk about our day. And who doesn't want someone there to complain to about a bad day and who is forced to listen? Haha!

Funny - One of the main reasons I love and fell in love with Jimmy is because he can always make me laugh. So as I mentioned, when I get in the car after a bad day and "complain" (really, I do actually love my job and what I do...but you know those days I'm talking about.....), Jimmy always says something to make me laugh and actually forget about anything that made me upset by the time we pull into the driveway!

Frustrating - Syncing schedules with anyone after you have done your own thing for a long time is well...not so easy. It's funny because after being married actually 10 months TODAY(!!) we had such a good schedule down with work and taking care of everything at home. So I knew when Jimmy got a new job it would make for a need for change in our good schedule. Let alone leaving our house at the same time in the morning and leaving work the same time. It can be frustrating (like when one of us has an 8AM meeting or needs to stay at work a bit later), but it's encouraging us to be flexible and really support each while it can be frustrating at time, it's still nice to have that person as a constant part of your life.

Together Time (lots of it) - you probably guessed. Driving to work together, seeing each other around the building and around lunch time in the's a lot of "together time". Literally, after the first week of him working with me by Friday I felt like I had spent over 1/2 the week just riding in the car with him (mainly because it took double the time to get to and from work with the weather), but on Friday when we were talking about what at do--- we were both happy to go our separate ways with our friends :) I headed out to Avenues Bistro with some friends and then Jimmy to the Brooksider with his friends. It was a much needed break, but I was more than happy to drop him off and pick him up. Just have to get used to having him around so much!!

Wonderful - After all these things you just read about, overall I couldn't be happier for Jimmy for his new job and new career. It has been very fun having him around so much and it's neat that we know exactly what each other does at work :) Merging of our work lives isn't easy, but there are lots of other married folks at work and some of them have been riding to work together for 30 years...WOW! So I guess we have something to look forward to. We couldn't be more blessed and wonderful is the perfect word is describe my feelings about the whole thing!

PS So happy to have been married to old Jim for 10 months today- can't believe how fast time has flown by!!! Love you Jimmy!

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