Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bobby's birthday: Karaoke night

Friday, January 21 was Jimmy's little brother Bobby's 25th birthday!!! And in Carter 25th birthday style (for Jimmy's 25th we went and did the same thing!!)...he wanted to go out and hit up Westport Flea Market and karaoke the night away! So we did just that.

Hillary invited everyone over to their adorable house- which I was so happy to get to see after all their beautiful wedding presents were all put on the walls/shelves/etc. And of course, she had a great spread of food and appetizer and desserts - OMG cake balls, where have I been? these are delicious! - and fun friends. Oh and that's when we figured out THIS announcement about Milly and Willy's former parents. So crazy still!!

Back to the night and the birthday fun! We headed to Westport Flea market to get right to the karaoke. And we did just that, got right to it. Jimmy started the night off...apparently he wasn't too nervous that he didn't need too much alcohol in him. Bobby did request everyone do a little number, so there were lots of songs going on with the group of his and Hillary's friends that were there. I was getting wasted on DC (diet coke), but apparently I had enough to get courage to go up there and do a duet with Jimmy. Haha! It was the one song of the night that I didn't get on video! I should have had someone video tape it, but I forgot :) But with all the videos I did take- I put together (well Jimmy helped me) a video of all the acts in a condensed format! Take a look at it on youtube - because as I mentioned, I'm having blogger video issues!!! Oh and another issue you might happen to notice...I need to keep my camera horizontal when taking video. Hence why in a few of the videos (like Jimmy's, Tommy's and Bobby and Hillary's) are not quite right...but that's ok, live and learn!

Jimmy and I after our duet :) We sang Backstreet Boys. It was awesome.

This guy wasn't with us...but he was really good at singing!!!

The birthday boy and John rocking it at karaoke!

Oh Tommy.....

Overall it was a fantastic night---so much fun. We finally got kicked out at 12:30AM and headed to Charlie Hoopers in Brookside for one last drink for these Carters. We headed to Burger King for a late night snack to end the night - yum. This picture described about how Jimmy felt.

Happy birthday Bobby! We had so much fun celebrating with you- cheers to many more happy birthdays and lots more fun nights out with you and Hillary :)

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