Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day! :)

Love is in the air you say? Well for Jimmy and I not-so-much because KU and K-State are playing each other tonight- but good thing I have class so he can watch it alone and not rub in KU's potential victory on me. Especially after the one basket loss K-State had on Saturday. Anyways, on to the good stuff!

But overall- very happy to be celebrating my first Valentine's day with a husband- and a great one at that. So blessed to have someone in my life that I can confide in, that supports me, and loves me for just who the person I am :)

Oh and not to leave out the wonderful family and friends in our lives that we LOVE so much! After a great weekend in Houston with Vanessa and Chris....we couldn't be more thankful!!
And finally - our cute cute dogs. Our little babies. We love them. And they have a special Valentine's Day message just for you:

So basically, we held a little dog photo shoot late Thursday night because I knew I wanted to make a funny photo with our dogs to mark Valentine's day (similar to to Halloween!) really for our nieces and nephews...but I decided to send to our family as well. I had all the V-day cards ready and written, but had been slacking on the Thursday we took the pics, I designed them with a clever message and then Friday got them developed...and tada. Our Valentine's day picture :) If you don't know the dynamics of these 3 little dogs....this card really tells their story, as Toby has a love/hate relationship with the wiener dogs and vice versa. So you never know if they are going to love each other or hate each other each day!! Haha!!

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day, full of lots of happiness and remembering all of those you love and treasure! I got some beautiful flowers from Jimmy at work on Friday afternoon that are making our house smell SO good!

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