Monday, February 21, 2011

Technology Tidbit

Isn't it crazy to think how fast technology moves and changes today? Just a few things to think about...
Didn't exist a year ago today:
  • iPhone 4 (not released until June 2010)
  • iPad (announced in January, released in April September, sold $7.5 million units) - can you say CRAZY!!!?
  • Windows phone- not released until October 2010
  • Kinect for Xbox- not released until November 4, 2010!! And go to the store and look at all the games that already require it, so nuts!
  • PS3 move wasn't released until September 16, 2010

Things that have been around a year, but taken the world by storm...

  • Angry birds (kind of - released for the iPhone Decmeber 2009...became the top selling paid app in the Apple store February of 2010 and is now on the Android market)
  • Google phone--- was released in January
  • B&N Nook and Amazon Kindle- holy cow, while these were still around...they have sure taken the world by storm and changed the way society reads their news/books/magazines!

Just sit back and think how different your life was a year ago without all these things.... :)

Technology is simply amazing and moving at crazy speeds....can you keep up!? Or a better question...can you bank account keep up? :)

1 comment:

  1. CRAZY! I definitely cannot keep up. I still rock a blackberry and an iPod mini. I plan to purchase an iPad when my MAC from 2005 decides to crap out for good.