Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stomach of Steel

Ok I have fun posts coming....trip to, that might be it. I think maybe one more is on my list. But I had to write about this in the mean time.

Tuesday night, Jimmy and I left to go over to visit his mom for a bit because she has been really sick. We figured we would just leave the dogs out to roam the house since we wouldn't be gone for too long, right? Well 2 DVRed Jeopardy episodes later (Watson vs. Jeopardy stars) with his mom, we were gone a little longer than expected, but didn't think anything of it. When I walked in, I actually didn't notice anything odd. But then when I walked back down to the family room- I noticed that there were some papers that had been pulled out of my bag that I take to work that was hanging up on the hooks...oh and the cushion on the bench was on the floor....oh and my bag strap was broken....oh and there is a 3/4 empty bag of peanut M&Ms that I had just bought to take to work for our department's candy stash......wait WHAT?!!

Oh yes, someone/somedog had somehow gotten into my bag that was hanging on the hook and gotten some papers and one 12.6oz bag of valentine's day peanut M&Ms out and had a little dessert. I instantly knew that Toby had gotten them out, as he is the only one big enough (long enough) to get in the bag. But I am pretty sure it was a team effort from the Bash Brothers...aka Willy and Toby. And little miss Milly was just a bystander in the incident. But I really had to figure out who had know...over half the bag of those M&Ms and which one was going to be sick. So next was the doggie breathalyzer aka I go around to all 3 of the dogs that I have in a line up (similar to a DUI check point I would guess) and I open up their mouths to sniff their breath. (they probably felt like this poor dog....)

Milly's breath was disgusting, as usual, but no sign of chocolate. She was free to go. Next up...Toby. He had some nasty stuff on his teeth that could have been chocolate, but it didn't smell like chocolate, so I dismissed it as gross plaque and let him go. Plus, that dog has eaten rat poison and lived, so I figured he could withstand 8-9 oz of M&Ms. Finally, Willy's turn. And what do you know. Open it up, take a sniff and bingo. I have identified the culprit. Smelling his breath was like walking into a Russell Stover's store. Nice, but obviously not normal for a dog.
Next steps were I made Jimmy get online and start researching what to do. Willy has gotten into a tootsie roll stash before and he was fine, so I wasn't too worried, but I wanted to make sure we were taking the right steps. Well instead of calling the emergency vet...for free...Jimmy paid $26 for a vet online to tell us to make him drink hydrogen peroxide to make him throw up. No comment on the latter sentence. It was for the health/well-being of our child aka dog. So we took the costly advice and took him outside, poured a few ounces of the liquid drug into a little medicine cup and poured it down his throat and waited....and waited....nothing happened. Hm...he said it would be instant. Oh...there it was...oh nope...just a burp. Looked at each other. The vet said max 15 oz of peroxide. We only did half. So we did the other half. And then waited...and waited....oh...nope, another burp. And constant looks of "you people are nuts, let me back inside". There were a few times we thought he was going to spew, but then nothing. What a let down.
Once we were back inside, Jimmy volunteered to sleep on the floor in the family room with him since the carpet is sick down there and it's close to the back door. Well, that lasted until about 12:30AM. Still not sure why, but that left me to care for and sleep next to sicky mcsickerson all night. And of course, my constant worry set in. Waking up on the hour to check his breathing and heart beat (lord, please help me when I have real kids!)...then picking him and up and taking him outside and walking around with him thinking something was bound to come out the front or the back. Nothing....all five times :( So up at 5:15 and petting him, holding him, walking around outside, nothing. WTF! I was getting so frustrated. I mean, this dog has to get it out somehow, right? So I left early for work and left Jimmy still sleeping with strict instructions to make sure Willy poops. Sure enough, by 7AM, I was at my desk and had a message from Jimmy with a picture of Willy's big pile of poop attached for my viewing. Not going to lie, I couldn't have been more relieved and happy to see that picture- as gross as it was.
Let's hope Willy makes it through the day...but apparently he has a stomach of steel............guess that's good to know? Oh the joys of being a pet owner!


  1. Lol!! I can just picture Willy standing on Toby's back to get your bag.

    No worries, last week Margo ate 10 oatmeal raisin cookies out of Tony's backseat and she was fine... :)

  2. Oh Willy! I know exactly how you feel! Jake ate a whole bag of Reese's eggs two Easters ago, wrappers and all, and I freaked out! We called the free emergency vet and they told us to use Hydrogen Peroxide. It worked for him:)

  3. Britt you left out that our Hydrogen Peroxide may have been faulty and that was confirmed upon further inspection when the Expriation Date on it was 01/2010. Maybe that's why it didn't work?