Thursday, September 1, 2011

Batting Cage fun

A few weekends ago on a Saturday, we woke up with nothing to do (amazing...).  So I went on a walk with Toby and walked by a local high school to find some boys doing some batting practice in the baseball fields.  That made me realize just how long it has been since I have gone to the batting cages.  With no plans the day ahead, I headed home with Toby in hand, and asked Jimmy if he wanted to go to the batting cages.  He said sure and with that, we were off.

However, it wasn't quite as easy to do.  First we went to the batting cages that I always went to as a kid:

Yep, those were closed.  Next, we went to the old softball park that I used to play at and we were SURE they would be open.  Apparently they are completely gone because the fences and cages are still there, but no device to collect and shoot of the balls (yep, that's not good)

Finally, we went to Mid America baseball park (and are you confused?  That should say "stop #3).  I was SURE those would be open.  Jimmy walked all the way to the concession stand to get tokens, but NOPE.  Not working either.  what the heck?  Do no kids use the batting cages these days??!!

We were sick of driving around and ready to swing the bat, so we improvised and found an open gate, went in and gathered the balls ourselves.  We started out soft tossing to each other and then decided to have some fun and take pictures to see who has the better swing.  We're so mature.

Jimmy's swing - by the way, he bats left handed.

And....Brittany's swing.  Check out the second one down on the left.  Yep, that's perfection if you ask me.  Perfectly balanced stance, good pivot, nice arm extension.  Worth all those years of softball :)

So I guess that's what we do when we are "bored".  Since then I have come up with 15 more home projects for us to do, planned a vacation, and cleaned our house - twice.  I guess that means it is time for school to start up again for me...bummer...

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