Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend in Tulsa: a few pictures!

After so much fun this weekend celebrating Katie and Barry's wedding - I'm about ready to fall asleep standing up...but I couldn't end the weekend without posting some of these WONDERFUL pictures and a few of my favorites from their wedding day and pictures of the beautiful bride!!!

Sisters at the hair salon - looking SO good!

we finally made it to the wedding venue and were ready to get going.  This was my attempt at using self portrait on my nice camera....I love these before and after you see three....

...and hello...hahaha for some reason these pictures were so funny to us!

WOW - look at her.  So beautiful and happy!!

Here we go - ready to walk down the aisle and tie the knot!

Katie and her wonderful parents!

And finally the bride and groom at their first dance as husband and wife!  

Best friends :)

Ok - that's all I have for now - I uploaded TONS more pictures from the weekend but am going to try and play catch up from the last few weekends - bachelorette party, lake trip and then a better wedding recap!!!

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