Monday, November 23, 2009

SHE'S 21: Miss Lyndsay Bruns

This post is officially dedicated to my sister who turned 21 today!  Wahoo!!  We even went out to Brio for dinner tonight and she ordered her first official alcoholic drink- some fruity orange martini.  She made this funny face every time she took a sip because she said it was really strong and also tangy.  I should have taken a picture of us (dang it!) because she looked super cute and did her hair really fun tonight!  Maybe next time.  But for now, I'll just go with a letter/blog post to her on her big day!

Dearest sister:

On your 21st birthday, I want to remind you of what an amazing person you are.  Never forget that.  You have such a loving, fun personality and always stick to your guns---which is honestly something I have always been jealous of because I tend to be a push over at times.  You can always make me laugh.  You sometimes freak out about dumb things...but that runs in the family (just ask my dad & Jimmy) so we'll forgive you for that.  You are gorgeous and continue to get prettier with each year!!  You are always willing to give your time and treasures to others through various volunteer activities and while you probably have some idea of the impact you have on people--you will never truly know how much the time to dedicate to various activities (Big Brothers & Big Sisters, tutoring, etc) has impacted people's lives.  You are so smart and passionate about what you love.  You will succeed at anything you choose to do in life- I have no doubt about that.  I cannot wait to be there for you along the way either.  And now that I've been super mushy and sentimental.....let's bring out the pictures and good old times.  Monkey Claw...dun dun dun Parmita....Chicken Enchiladas...guac & maca...and the list of stupid inside jokes go on & on.  And I'm still not quite sure my actual wedding will ever compare to our enormous Barbie weddings we used to throw :)  But what I do know is that you will be there by my side, just like you were so long ago!!

Love you and HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY!!  You are such an adult now :)
Your big sister

And bring on the pictures.....

The infamous Monkey Claw.  Oh tubing :)

Look at how cute we are.  Opryland visit a LONG time ago.

Our cousins wedding.

Finally, vacation last summer in San Diego.  In which we fought the first half of the trip and then were fine and hung out the rest.  Yes, we're sisters....and yes, it might not be normal...but it's us :)

Can't wait to go to Wicked and out with you on Friday night!!!  Let the party begin!

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