Sunday, June 10, 2012

8 months pregnant = 32 weeks

8 months pregnant.  Say it again.  8 months pregnant.  I still can hardly believe it myself when I hear it.  However, my body is saying much different this last week or so - I really do not think I have been this tired or worn out in a long time.  I know things have been busy, but keeping up with life with a huge belly and making sure this baby is getting all that he needs is starting to wear on me!  Let alone the 3 times a night that I wake up and pee (let's clarify on that too - this is not just little pee, this is like "you haven't peed for like 5 hours" pees - where does it all go!??!) that is not helping me get adequate rest.

However - this baby is growing right along and is apparently turned with his head down, which is great news.  And we successfully made it through week #1 of June - which I consider an accomplishment.  Which if you recall, it's going to be a long 5 weeks....with class for me Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday night and then Jimmy has softball every Thursday night.  So pretty much the week nights are shot for really doing anything as I immediately want to go to sleep the second I get home (hence being so tired).  I haven't looked at the "list" that I made for things I wanted to get accomplished in May since I wrote it at the beginning of May.  But I just went back and peeked at it, as May has come and gone and well, it actually makes me feel a lot better than I originally did.  That's always good right?  I seem to have downplayed in my head how much we actually did do in May.  So here it is...the results of the list:

-         -  Finish the grout in the bathroom & paint the walls Shower is complete and the walls AND ceiling are both painted.  Actually my dad and Jimmy are finish up a backsplash addition right now!
-         -  Hang up the towel racks & shelves above the toilet (well need to purchase these first) These are purchased, but not hung up yet....finishing touches
-          - Move the vanity upstairs (wahoo!) This was a BIG deal and I was super excited about it!
-          - Get the toilet out of the garage and into the bathroomYep, we have a toilet AND the door went on last week....most guest like a door to close when they pee, so this was big.
-          - Evan comes back over to finish the plumbing for the toilet, shower and vanity Plumbing is DONE!
-          - Bathroom COMPLETE Not quite yet - but we OH so close it's making me very excited!  Luckily this is Jimmy's neck of the woods so he can work on it with my dad when I'm at class
-          - Touch up stripes on nursery walls (came out good for the most part, but bled in some places) And this is OCD-ness paid off and the stripes look amazing.  Now I just need to touch up the places that the paint bled on the canvases I painted
-          - Build shelves and paint for closet Yep, you have seen this!
-          - Hang up new closet rods Done!
-          - Hang up all the clothes this little man has already in the closet with the hangers we got passed down to us! Done and the closet is already filling up fast!
-          - Assemble crib Done - working on the DIY bed skirt this week
-          - Assemble changing table Done - and got the cool baskets as an added bonus to house diapers, etc.
-          - Build small bookshelves under the window and hang They are built...but they are actually going on another wall (behind the glider).  I went back and forth on building some or using some fabric stuff...ended up buying stuff for both but went with the wall ones.  Finished painting today!
-          - Paint side table lime green We'll change this to FIND a side table. I just want a little circle one...
-          - Buy fabric for my aunt to make the curtains and bedding Fabric was ordered today (Sunday) and actually my mom is making the crib bumper, I'm doing the skirt and the curtains.  I found this thing I liked to make a valance with curtains underneath.  Built that today too!
-          - Build 2 cube towers to surround changing table (this changing table was a new addition – will have a bench there at some point, but felt like it was a waste of space for now since the baby won’t need a bench for a long time!) This idea was scratched.  Have posted the recent nursery pictures with the dresser where this was going to be and the art it much better!!
I think at 32 weeks - we made some good progress on the May to-do list.  As the baby showers have started, the nursery is coming together.  We have taken one birthing class so far (out of 5) and a "babies don't bark" class about acclimating our dogs to our new baby.  It's crazy how time is flying.  The weeks go fast and the weekends go faster....

To end this never-ending 32 week is the normal update....

How far along: 32 weeks
Size of Baby BOY Carter: 3.5 lbs and 16 inches 
Fruit/vegetable comparison: Size of a squash 
Sleep: Much more tired...not popping up in the morning like I used to.  It's more like a ROOOLLLL.....haha.
Movement: He's like shifting and moving all around - less kicking because he's running out of room!
Unglamorous body changes: My belly button HURTS!!  Did anyone else ever have this problem?  I was reading online that it might be because it was pierced and it's scar tissue hurting.  Weird.  Also - I'm not down with the swelling of the feet thing at all. 
Food cravings: I feel like I've eaten really bad this past week - not happy with myself
What I miss: My energy - where did it go??!!
Strange experiences: The man in the grocery store dairy section that worked there and was stocking it when I walked up to get some OJ. He immediately asked me when I was due, told me about his kid and then jumped to asking me about my work badge, saying he knows someone that works at Hallmark but cannot remember her name (well, that is not helpful at all).  Luckily, Jimmy came and saved the day from the awkward convo.  This stomach is just an excuse for people to talk I feel like!!
Milestones: The said he should be moving in a "ready position" aka head down - and as far as we know, he's there.
Best moment this week:  He was pretty quiet/inactive all day Sunday (probably because I kept him up all night for Lauren's bachelorette bash)...but then on Monday morning, I got up at 5AM to go to the bathroom and when I got back in bed he was moving ALL over the place.  I rolled up close to Jimmy and woke him up, grabbed him hand and put it on my stomach so he could feel.  Then we both drifted in and out of sleep for the next hour.  Best moment of the week for sure! 

Cannot wait for this week to fly by again - and for the Carter family baby shower this upcoming weekend and Father's Day celebrations!!  Jimmy got his early Father's Day present today and I think it was a hit with our WHOLE family!


  1. You look great!! You are almost there!! :)

  2. Just found your blog and love it! Congrats on your pregnancy! My bellybutton totally hurt when I was pregnant too, I'm glad to hear someone else has experienced this too! My name is Brittany too, it's rare to find people who spell it our way :) I'll definitely be following

    1. Thanks so much for the comment!! And it's good to know that someone else had that same weird pain - it's so crazy!!! Thanks for the follow also- will check out your blog too :) Love that we spell our name the same!