Thursday, June 14, 2012

Barb turns 39...

Ok so my mom is not really 39.  If you do the math and know that I'm 26...going on 27, that doesn't really work that well.  But hey, I would say my mom still acts like she's 39.  I originally was going to post "Barb is 29" but then realized if I claimed that...I wouldn't be alive because we are 30 years apart.  Oops - sorry mom, I just gave away your age!! But what's crazy is in THIS picture below we are pretty much the same age. I'm positive this was pre-Brittany!!  Look at how cute they are!

Anyway - a lot has changed since then as time has passed and you had two kids, moved from Texas to Kansas, raised 2 girls that somewhere along the way became young women making lives of their own, made and kept good friends, had many different jobs and excelled at your career, maintained a wonderful marriage...and the list could go on an on.  And now here we are in 2012 and your youngest daughter just moved out of your house for good into her own home that she bought and your oldest daughter is 8 months pregnant and you will have a new grandson in just around 7 weeks (or 50 days...not like that oldest daughter is counting or anything).  I would have to say time has been VERY good to you and you deserve all the happiness in the world more than anyone I have ever met.

I remember when I first told you that Jimmy and I were going to start trying to have a baby and how I continually would talk to you about how frustrated I was when it just wasn't working out the way I thought it would.  And you would listen and tell me that it will all work out the way it was supposed to.  THEN I remember very vividly sitting down at Don Chilito's Mexican restaurant (we love, Jimmy hates) in the big booth where the fish bowl used to be...and telling you that instead of buying us tickets to DisneyLand for our Christmas present, we would prefer that you hold off on that because we are having a baby and will probably need things for that.  Um, your face?!  I wish I could have caught it on camera.  Priceless.  You and Lyndsay pretty much spit your food out.  And then the fun began of being pregnant and all the planning and dreaming and decorating.  And soon enough, this little man will change all of our worlds.  Pretty sure you will be the best grandma, nana, gigi, or whatever we end up calling you....EVER!  I'm so excited!!!!!

 You are such a wonderful person and role model in my life and Lyndsay's life.  You are so strong and funny and such a good listener (hopefully that is a trait you gained more of each year because I could use some more of that skill...).  Thank you for all the stupid phone calls you sit on with me and the random text messages you respond to with excitement (i.e. "Mom - the fabric will be here on Wednesday"....your response is always "YEAH!").  Know that we will continue to look up to you and are thankful that you are such a huge part of our lives.  And bring on Texas Roadhouse for dinner on Friday- YUM!

Love you mom!!!!  Wishing you the best birthday ever!

And some quick pictures to show just how much fun she still is and how much fun we all have!!

My mom and aunt Susan!

Out at the Well after Tina's wedding - look at those shots!!

The original Bruns family at Tina's wedding

My mom and her siblings!

And finally - the updated "Bruns" family with the handsome addition of Jimmy....

Wishing you many more wonderful birthdays and looking forward to helping you celebrate them!!


  1. I love that picture...especially Roger's perm! Happy Birthday Barb!

  2. Aw happy birthday to your mom ! That is awesome! All of the pictures are so great, and looks like y'all know how to have a blast :D