Friday, June 15, 2012

Week #33!

And here we are – week 33 already!!  Guess what?  I made it out alive through my crazy classes and the weekend is almost here, so you better believe I have a big smile on my face!!  Biggest challenge this week?  Finding the time to do homework in the evening and then being sad because I really just want to call/skype/meet up with my friends and family.  Haven’t even had a chance to think about how big this mama is getting!!

33 weeks means there are 7 weeks left.  Just doesn’t feel real yet.  We will have a little one that will forever change our lives so soon!  However, watching the video in child birth class of someone giving birth – I have to say that made it a little more “real”.  All I have to say about that is – no thank you, I will not be opting to put a mirror down there to see what’s going on.  Yes, she did say that was an option.  For sure not my style.  I am happy to report that some good advice came out of the class for swollen feet and I’m feeling much better.  In addition to the normal response of drink more water, she actually suggested drinking cranberry juice and this wild raspberry hot tea.  So I got some and have been drinking it at work every morning…it’s kind of a nice thing to look forward to drink that is not water and caffeine free – so I’m tricking myself into thinking I’m back to drinking coffee, but I’m really not.  Not sure if that made sense…sorry, I’m going to claim pregnancy brain on that one.

Big nursery news this week was that the fabric for the nursery arrived (which was very exciting) and last weekend I built and painted the bookshelves and then made the window valance that will hang as the curtain with lime green and white polka dots with navy panels underneath.  It’s pretty cool – check out the website I used to build it.  Very easy and best yet, we already had most of the materials (PS I admit to being a hoarder of MDF board and plywood…).  I’m excited to get some batting this weekend and hang it up!  I just think curtains completely change the room.

Without further ado…the bump pictures for this week:

Since Milly and Willy are easy to grab and join me in my pictures...I was trying to get Toby in this weeks.  He was not too excited about coming into the hallway that I usually take the pictures in and really wouldn't even get up for me.  So I just went to him.  And this was after several picture attempts.  I think he still loves me...he's been acting very depressed lately and we are not sure why!!

How far along: 33 weeks
Size of Baby BOY Carter: over the 4 lb mark and 17 or so inches 
Fruit/vegetable comparison: Size of a durian??? 
Sleep:  It's like a sauna in our bedroom too so that doesn't help!
Movement: Lots - I love it.  It's our little secret when he moves!
Unglamorous body changes: I'm not going to lie - things are just harder with a huge stomach and my body aches supporting all this extra weight.  Stretching and walking does help some!
Food cravings: Nothing really - just getting back on track with the good eating habits!
What I miss: Time!!!!!!!  Moving so fast!
Strange experiences: Nothing really this week that I can think of!
Milestones: He keeps his eyes open and bones and brain continue to develop
Best moment this week:  Finally got all the gifts from the baby shower a few weeks ago put away - now I just need to start writing the thank you notes this weekend!!  AND we got our proofs back from our maternity shoot with Amanda M. Photography and we LOVE them!  She did such a great job!!  Will share them whenever we pick out the ones we are going to buy!


  1. I want to see your pictures!!

  2. Kudos to you for trying to eat right! I have a feeling that when we start our family, I'm going to be craving all sorts of bad things (probably ice cream....lots and lots of ice cream).
    Your bump is awfully cute!