Monday, June 11, 2012

Class, class, sleep and repeat

Holy moly - 4 different classes in 3 days...and I'm only half way through this marathon 3 days of straight classes.  But I already feel like it's class, sleep, class, class, sleep, repeat!!

This marathon started Sunday at 2PM with a Babies don't Bark class at the hospital that was 2 hours to learn some tips that we can use to help acclimate our dear dogs for the future arrival of our dear son.  It was about 1 hour and 50 minutes too long...well at least that was the survey feedback we gave.  Not sure if it was because we were tired or our dogs are just old and we aren't really that interested at this point in teaching them how to sit, down, etc.  But literally from 2-4 it was dog training tips and then after the class officially ended she started talking about tips for when you come home from the hospital with your baby and what to do.  I guess it was worth it just for those ten hopefully our dogs will associate "good" with our new baby.

Then I was up early this morning to head to an all day negotiation training class at a hotel downtown.  From 8:30-5:30...class all day!!  AHH!  And THEN I headed to UMKC for my summer class that started at 6PM and I finally arrived home to put up my sausage looking swollen feet and greet my loving husband and wonderful dogs.

Now it's to bed and then up again tomorrow to do it all over again with another day of negotiation training but after training tomorrow we are headed to our second night of child birth class.  Which we will get to see the second part of the birthing video where the birth actually takes place.  Yeah!!  Haha.  Last week during the early stages video my only question was "and when exactly do they administer the epidural because those people looked like they were in way too much pain....".  Four different classes...all day and night for three brain might explode.  This is how I feel (minus the blue eyes/blonde hair thing - except I am considering getting blonde highlights...but don't tell my husband because he will be too excited) in a cartoon version...