Friday, June 8, 2012

DIY Bachelorette Favor Bags!

One of the super fun things I did in preparation for Lauren's bachelorette night was put together a "survival kit" or favor for all the people coming.  I, of course, initially headed to pinterest for some ideas and then hit up Michael's and Target and this is what I came up with.

Since we were going out, who doesn't love koozies?  Michael's glitter koozies in a few different colors in their "foam" section of the store on sale for $1 each.  Sold!  I got 16 of them that varied black, purple and pink (pink was reserved for the MOB and Bride to be).  For Lauren and her mom's bags, I added a special little touch and used a silver paint pen on their koozies.  And of course - a water bottle to make sure people had a little bit of hydration between the winery and going out that night!

Here are the contents of the whole "survival kit":

  • koozie and water bottle
  • pink necklace from Party City
  • assortment of fun bling rings from Party City
  • a few mints - for the night of or morning after!
  • 3 Tylenol packaged up in a folded piece of paper and sealed at the top with a blank label - this was a pinterest find.  I wrote "Sunday breakfast" on it and then "aka Tylenol"
  • hand sanitizer...which was a personal touch because this bachelorette likes things very clean so I put a little funny poem/label on each of them in everyone's bags
  • DIY wine charm (see below)

I wanted to make the bags applicable to some of the days events so I thought a wine charm would be something fun to give everyone and then I could pass the bags out when we were at the winery.  I searched all over the Internet for an easy DIY wine charm tutorial and didn't really find that many that I wanted to use because most were similar to the wine charms that Krista made where they went up the glass.  I just wanted something that clipped around the bottom.  At first I bought wire to make into a circle but that just seemed like it was too I found at Michael's some hoop earrings that were already made in the jewelry section and then put my beads of choice on then (a heart for the Hart's - Lauren's future last name) and then used wire things to make the loop to close.  I have a lot of the hoops left over and think this would be fun to make for more parties!!

The wine charm on the wine glass

I picked up these pink bags from Hobby Lobby that were the perfect fit and with the water bottle in the middle it helped them stay up!

To assemble them I just put the water bottle in the middle, all the accessories around it and then cut some black ribbon, printed off a cute little "contents" label and hole punched the side.  I strung the ribbon through the hole and then put the wine charm on (so it didn't get lost in the bottom of the bag) and tied it tight around the top of the water bottle.  I think they turned out pretty fun looking!

And there you have it!!  A fun and relatively inexpensive way to make some bachlorette favor bags filled with things for the party!!

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