Friday, June 8, 2012

Katy turns 3 - Hello Kitty style

Now that the week is almost over and the weekend is almost here again (yeah!), I will finish with the final post of our weekend parties.  Sorry, no post on the bachelor party that Jimmy attended on Saturday because I wasn't there.  However, it might have been beneficial to everyone if I was there, being sober and all, because they are still piecing together the evening.  

We were up early on Sunday morning to head out to Deanna Rose Farmstead in south Overland Park to celebrate little miss Katy turning three years old!!!  It's crazy that she's already 3 (I know I said that about Kenlie too in her bday post) because I remember when we went to the hospital to see Pat and Trish on Emily and Adam's wedding day just 3 years ago!!  And then going to the lake that summer with her - she was SO little!!  She's growing up so fast!

Here is a cute picture that Trish posted on facebook on her birthday!  The little princess herself!

Jimmy apparently thought the party was at 5PM (regardless of the several calendar's that say 11AM and the invite on the fridge) I got to get home the next morning and force him to at least shower to go hang out with lots of kids!  I love birthday parties out here and while it sprinkled a little bit, the weather held off and it turned out to be a great day and was the perfect temperature!  Katy loves hello Kitty so that was the theme of the party and it was very fun!  Check out all these kids!!!

Everyone watching Katy open presents...

Katy even took the time to open the cards!  What a sweetie!!

Oh I had to get one of old Jimmy.  He looks so alert, right?  He did wander off at some point with like 6 kids in tow to go look at the buffalo.  We sent his oldest brother Tim out for reinforcements given the state that he was in.

There was lots of chatting and cousin time at this party!  Maren with Will always cracks me up because she just picks him up and spins him around and loves on him.  I was happy I caught one of her!

And then the dude club chatter complete with a handshake!  Ben is so old now too!!!

Once the food, cake and presents were done and Happy Birthday was sung by all to Miss Katy, Trish passed out the favor bags to all the kids which had some fun stuff in it, including some quarters to use in the farmstead for animal food, tickets for a pony ride, AND these cute little animal masks that were all different.  Of course some of the kids wanted to be "stars" and get their picture taken with them on....commence photo shoot!

Kenlie the pig
Ben the bear
And sweet Norah the raccoon
Everyone was then off to explore all the animals and enjoy the park!  This place is pretty cool if you haven't been here.  We have been here a few times now for some birthday parties and I know I'm looking forward to bringing our own little guy here once he's a little older and can enjoy!  There is just so much for the kids to do!  Including man picture ops...

Kenlie and Maren as flowers!
And this garden they were in was sponsored by they found this tile in there and wanted me to take their picture by it.  Maren said that her Aunt Vanessa and Uncle Chris would love this picture...I agreed!!

My one animal shot of the day?  These pigs all crammed into a baby pool!!!  So funny!  And Libbie and I were in deep discussion about how pigs aren't really THAT cute and I would agree!!

After some more walking around and a stop by Ben's bank, it was time for pony rides.  All the kids loved these!!  It's crazy because as I mentioned, we had been here before for Kenlie's birthday party - but that was back in 2010!!  I kept saying I remember that Norah was so little last time we were here and I was right.  Check out this post!!!  I even have a picture of little Norah who was stuck in the stroller and not happy about it because she was too little to ride the pony.  Well guess what?  This time she was old enough and loved it and it was her little brother Will that was stuck in the stroller and had to miss out on the fun!  Seriously - TIME FLIES!!!

Norah on the pony!

Kenlie loving it!

Maren was a pro!

Libbie looking SO stylish as always!

And Ben...
I think Ben was more upset because he didnt' get to ride the horse named Jimmy and he really wanted to because he thought it was funny that his uncle and a horse had the same name.  The guy did say that Jimmy was moody today and temperamental so he couldn't come out.  Hmmm - ironic because that was how Jimmy was feeling the rest of the day! Haha.

After that, and several bathroom stops in between, it was time to go because I needed a nap BAD!  And luckily I actually came home and took one.  Staying out until 2:30 isn't good for anyone, but especially 8 months pregnant and then getting up at 8 to get ready for a kid's birthday party!!!

Overall, it was another fun Carter birthday party and we had a great time!!!  It was fun to see Katy so excited to see all her friends and family and open up her presents and have a great time!! Cheers to many more wonderful birthday's Katy - we love you!

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