Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hallmark showering Baby Carter!

You should note that this shower took place in a large conference room.  And even though my friends that planned this do not work in "creative" at Hallmark (finance and procurement to be exact), wow did they do such a great job of making this shower so cute and special!!  I mean you would not know from these pictures it was a conference room, right??

When Jimmy and I first walked in - we saw these cute little pom poms and then homemade ADORABLE onesies that Jen made.  She's very very creative!!

I just love them!  Love all of them.  The wiener dog one is adorable, the "hello ladies", the one with a REAL bow tie (in which she stole her husband's tie from Express and cut it up and tied into a bow tie - that's what I mean creative...maybe Justin won't realize it??) and then the aviator glasses - all SO adorable!   I cannot wait to get him in some of these cute little things once he arrives!

And then was the cake table and some delicious punch!  Lindsay found this punch recipe and now she has used it twice and I have used it once (for Lauren's bridal shower).  It is so yummy and this time for a little boy she added blueberries instead of raspberries to add in blue!!

And look at this cake!!  It was so good and SO delicious!!!  It was the invitation that Jen designed and sent out via email to everyone to invite them.  I love it and love the little bow tie!!  How cute!!

A shot of the parents with the cake!  I was really excited that Jimmy got to come and join in the fun.  I do feel like through our engagement and this pregnancy he never really got to attend the showers and see all the love there is for us and our new little man on the way.  Especially with all the fun baby stuff to get us ready for this guy...he was excited to join in and was a great sport in opening the presents!!

We got some amazing stuff, including lots of fun books, the baby bullet (wahoo!!!), a beautiful handmade blanket by one of my co-workers, some swaddle blankets and....the group gifts that were our car seat and the mamaroo swing!  We were so excited.  I was incredibly happy to get the car seat because I was going to buy it this weekend because being a little less than 6 weeks away from our due date that was a must have.  So this weekend's plans?  Get our car seat bases in our cars and practice with the car seat taking it in and out.  Wow we have an exciting life, right?  Haha - I'm actually really excited and I think it will make me feel know for that just-in-case incident!  And you better believe Jimmy was SUPER excited about that fancy schmancy swing that they got us.  Jimmy wanted this thing from our first trip to USA baby and I said "no" and he kept talking about it for the entire pregnancy.  We didn't originally register for it, but then Jimmy pretty much put his foot down and said he wanted it BAD.  So thank you Hallmark friends...this dad-to-be is one happy guy!!

Finally, I got a shot of the wonderful hostesses and me!  Lindsay, Katie and Jen did such a fabulous job and I'm so lucky to not only call them co-workers, but good friends!!!  Lindsay is the wonderful person that will be covering for me for the 12 weeks I am at home with little baby I owe her a ton!!

Last but not least!  I love this picture!!  This is my friend Christy, who is a finance manager in chain drug.  We are due 5 days apart and report up through the same VP.  And actually - we sent our VP an email the SAME day telling her we were expecting (all the way back in February actually when I posted this on my blog) - she said it was about 3 emails apart.  We didn't know that we were both pregnant either, so what are the odds, right??  Well, it is her second and she has been so wonderful to me in answering questions and giving advice during this whole time!!!  We actually have showed up the same day to work wearing very similar dresses many times, which always makes us smile.  And we usually have doctor's appointments just a day or two apart.  Pretty much it's crazy, right?  But so fun!!  Well, after the shower ended the other day, we went in for a hug and realized just how awkward and hard that actually is with two big bumps!!!  So after an awkward hug, I had to snag a picture of us!!  The mass customer finance pregnant ladies....

Jimmy and I are very lucky to work at such a fabulous place with such loving and wonderful co-workers!!  Thank you to all for the wonderful and personal presents!!  It's crazy because I'm excited for the baby to get here and for maternity leave, but also sad because I really do enjoy seeing all these folks on a regular basis!  However, I don't think they will mind if me and little baby Carter make some trips in to visit during my 12 weeks off!

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