Sunday, August 12, 2012

Charlie: Week 1 breakdown

Ok, one of my good friends Ali had her sweet little baby Henry on Memorial Day and has been doing a weekly update on her blog by day of the events with Henry, her, Andrew and their dog Franklin.  I love it so much (check out week 10 here!) and I love reading it as her friend.  As a mom to be I was pretty amazed at how in the world she ever kept up with it all...but I have found plenty of time when we are sitting up at night nursing to be able to keep track of our daily events (and probably more details anyone else would ever want to know), in an attempt to truly remember each day with our little Charlie.  So Ali - thank you so much for the idea and inspiration to do this because I know just a few weeks from now I will be looking back at the first few weeks we brought him home and think about what that was like.  Well, now I will have some clear details of memories written down!!

It is amazing now just looking back at the first week and how far we have come from then!!  I'm feeling so much better about being a mom and more confident in my intuitions and especially nursing.  We are both doing MUCH better!  Going to go to our first breastfeeding support group on his 3 week birthday and we're excited about that...but probably more excited to see if this little man (now looking much bigger) is finally back up to his birth weight at his appointment on Monday.  Here's to big babies!!!

Parenthood is so crazy, but I will say it's worth every hour of sleep that I'm not getting and every fear that I ever had.  I just stare and stare at our little guy and notice new things about him all the time.  Love him!!!

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  1. Glad you are doing this too! It's amazing how far you will be from those first few weeks in just a short amount of time. Proud of you!