Friday, August 24, 2012

Week #3 with Mr .Charlie

Oh man - another week.  Seriously, I thought I would be getting bored, but absolutely not.  The days seem to fill up so fast with our sleep-eat-play-repeat routine.  I say routine, but there is really no routine at all.  We made our first outing absolutely alone to our breastfeeding support group at the hospital.  It was intimidating going there at first but was so great.  So great to be around other new moms in the same position - swirling with all kinds of questions - and some moms that are pros with older kids.  It's run by a lactation consultant that is great too.  We are planning on going back every week; our little outing!!

Some other big moments was me having a panic attack by taking him out on Friday night to the KU kick off at Corinth Square.  I pretty much freaked out and thought he was going to get stolen or lost or sick or something.  I'm a crazy mom already.  It was just a lot to take in and his dad didn't think so - but I was freaking out.  We were only there for 2 hours, but it felt like 2 years!!

But we had a GREAT weekend hanging out with all the grandparents and families on Saturday and Sunday.  We have also loved all our visitors and getting to see everyone and introduce them to Charlie!!

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